You missed influence and tricky plays from 1.0? Here's FB!!!

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Due to public demand, here you have the deck I played in Varberg '18. The original idea came from Darknoj and it was even more jankier with prince's pass and attainted and other plots. After some games I tweaked it and created this monster.

The obvious bad matchups with this deck are GJ in any form and passive power grab decks (that's why included 2 boneway and 1 throne).

I was 3-0 beating Martell Stag, Tyrell Ranis and GJ rains. Then I faced 2 more GJ rains and a "Bara" watch and lost them all :(

The deck has loads of interactions and it is super fun to play. I'll tweak it a bit more after trying new stuff.

MVP cards:

FleaBottom, ofc - you're hand size doesn't matter as long as you have a good discard pile.

Condemned - you just lock your opp's power challenge.

Areo, veteran builder, lost ranger, southron messenger - these guys are a pain in the ass with FB, you have two chars that remove chars from challenges, the builder to have him do a free power chall and then stand FB and the mini second sons for free Mil challs.

Mutiny - broken card, doesn't need further explanation.

Retaliation - this card is the stupidest of them all. Reserve 4 to fuel your discard pile with FB.

You may ask why not Ghaston Grey in this deck? After testing it I haven't use it with good results, you have to lock the game removing big chuds with marched/mutiny and small ones with vens blade. So the aim of the deck didn't need GG to do its main game, i.e.: get rid off big chuds, then abuse FB.

You can see one of my games in Buzz's stream:

Big thanks to Darknoj for the idea, my meta for helping me improve the deck and, ofc, the great, lovely, amazing beards of Westeros for organizing such an event.


Loras Tyrell 275

The new Spy is just awesome for this deck

CMonster907 21

Since you get double FB value with Veteran Builder why only x1? Consider cutting anything for even 1 more?

r480 86

In testing it was a begging brother and after the tournament for sure I'll include 2x :D