2nd Place Canadian Nationals

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DarkKnight76 232

Hey this is the deck I played at Canadian Nationals, I went 4-2 in Swiss to a Top 8 cut and lost to in a best of 3 in the final.

My first 4 games of Swiss are up on Robs Gaming Table on YouTube between the single games he put up and the live stream from Day 1. My Top 8 and Finals game are also on the Live stream for Day 2, eventually my Top 4 game against Brett Pidde's Nights Watch Lion will be up on the channel and I have to say it was the toughest and greatest game I've ever played.

The point of the deck is to reset the board with Varys and remove my opponents characters with Mutiny at Crasters until I build my board state up with my locations. Always go second with the high initiative plots and get Flea Bottom out with the recursion of using Veteran Builder to stand The Wall if need be or restand flea bottom with veteran builder after using it in a challenge to get another challenge off with another character in discard pile. Also use Martell shenanigans with southern messenger and Hotah to stall the game, and these abilities can be triggered bringing them into play from discard pile off of flea bottom as well. There is plenty of draw and filter to find the pieces with counting coppers, secret schemes, and Greenblood Trader. Only having 5 economy cards seems low but your rarely marshaling characters and just saving gold for challenge actions, and the Dornish Fiedoms are usually turned on going 2nd with the high initiative plots. The Haunted Forests are included to stop unopposed challenge power gain, Ghaston Grey just stops the opponent from doing challenges with their key characters and the Iron Throne is just a great card for the stall type of deck. A big bonus interaction is losing intrigue challenges and your opponent pulling flea bottom targets out of your hand into the discard pile, it's kinda like feeding your economy and tricks for later in the game.

Round 1 Baratheon Fealty - Win Round 2 Lannister Rains - Win Round 3 Targaryen Fealty - Win Round 4 Lannister Stag - Loss Round 5 Lannister Rains - Win Round 6 Baratheon Fealty - Loss Top 8 Targaryen Fealty - Win Top 4 Nights Watch Lion - Win Final Greyjoy Rains - Loss


Maester Joseph 19

Nice, I like it. If you had to choose two cards out of the whole lists that did the most work, which were they and why? Congrats on 2nd place btw.

Patrick 1

I know the card wasn't legal by the time Canadian Nationals started, but do you have any thoughts on replacing House Dayne Knight with the Dornish Spy?

DarkKnight76 232

@Maester Josephthe veteran builder and mutiny are the MVPs of the deck for sure, veteran builder is the wheel of the deck and mutiny speaks for itself @Mourningcloudin a revised version I have added 2 dornish spy's cutting the nymeria and 1 house dayne knight

Patrick 1

@DarkKnight76Interesting—cutting Nymeria? Was she just not useful, or did you run into issues where you wanted to use Mutiny and found she was the most expensive character or something?

DarkKnight76 232

@MourningcloudWell the dornish spy does what nymeria action is plus the spy can be ambushed in and pulled in off flea bottom for the effect again. And you have to remember the character you sac off of mutiny is going to discard pile later for flea bottom tricks, so you're getting that character and its ability on demand later in the game. You can't bring nymeria back with flea bottom but you can with the spy

Patrick 1

@DarkKnight76 That makes complete sense! I guess I've got to break the muscle memory of "Martell deck = Nymeria auto-include" – good call!

Kobal 1

Have you given thought to adding an Orphan of the Greenblood or two for their various interactions and Ser Waymar Royce as a fourth Bastard Daughter?

andyming 15

I try to add The Dornishman's Wife x2 by cutting nymeria and
The Annals of Castle Black instead of long plan~ To reuse the secret scheme, viper eye, mutiny or even lotg is also good~

uBaH 83

Interesting Approach. Why no The Iron Bank Will Have Its Due? Will you include it in a future build considering you plan to add Dornish Spy.