King in the North (King-Robb Vultron)

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Mormegil 11

This is very nedly deck that I designed around King Robb Stark ... it is very aggressive and a lot of fun to play; While its win-ratios are "only" around 50-50 on the Iron Throne, you'll have a blast playing it and it is a deck that is rather unique and a different experience altogether. So while I wouldn't bring it to a tournament, I would encourage you to give it a go and see for yourself how fun King Robb actually is.

The events are all there for attacking your opponent's board and especially his characters. The deck is very heavy on military icons and our King in the North is a beast by himself when it comes to the "red" challenge. So getting your Puts through will be not that difficult.

The attachments are all tailor-made for Robb but are also quite amazing on other characters; The Wolf King is simply phenomenal and very underestimated; Slap it on Robb and win challenges without even kneeling, slap it on Ned and gain power for days. If you see neither of them, it is not bad on a chud or even on a character like Jory (who you can sack if you want if you see Robb or Ned) or Arya (her stealth is pretty fantastic!). You can also play Marched to free it up, or include Arya's Gift in the deck. Nymeria is moveable on her own and Bodyguard and Ice speak for themselves.

Characterwise, there is not a lot be said; Robb is fantastic and a Shootingstar in the deck and the other characters are simply very good. Ned is great for powergain, Cat stops stuff and the sisters are almost always helpful. Nothing too Special as you can see.

The plots are a bit tricky; Trading is usually your opener but it always depends on the setup and the opponent. It can be swapped with another econ-plot, but I really appreciate its reliability. If your opponent reveals Summer Harvest and can play several big dudes or puke out a ton of little chuds, you have Ice, Put, Greywind, Rob, Winter is Coming, Storm of Swords, Relentless Assault etc. to cut down his board again. If he plays Naval Superiority for some reason, go back to Winterfell and cry in a corner. I am yet undecided if The Long Winter or The Winds of Winter is better and I am still not sure if a second A Storm of Swords could replace the 2-claim-plot. Trust me, A Storm of Swords pulls its weight in this deck.

So Overall, you have the defintion of a very fun aggro deck which is also nedly and which features King Robb, the Wolf King, as a total rockstar. ENJOY IT!


Raziehl 1

The King Robb's Ost isn't it a good choice in this deck? you have 2 war plots and they grab power during mil.... (and they are loyal so they buff Robb :) )

Samwell 1

I don't think you have the money to pay for the host.

I would recommend to incude another high economy plot, because with board whips all over it is not rare to start a turn with almost no chars on board.

Are the bear island loyalists worth it? I don't think I have ever used them.

Mormegil 11

No, I haven't found the Host to be worth the include in building the deck but I think I'll give it a go ... The bear island loyalists are quite worth it, they replace the Tumblestone Knights, boost Robb, can save from e.g. Dracarys and are reduceable by fealty.

I came around to change The Long Winter for Time of Plenty since the 2 claim is not that crucial and I really needed more econ and card draw.

Thanks for the feedback guys!

Samwell 1

Generally I am surprised that you win half your games with a military focus deck as I find it a bad matchup to almost all other factions but stark. Rains decks shut you down for at least two turns (a game of thrones and filthy accusations), Lannisters kill you earlier (tears), are never on board to get killed (jumper decks) or treachery your ice, GJ and most bara decks run a bunch of safes and kneel you, Martell hits you hard with their events (vengence and burning sand). Tyrell just plays another big char or defends your multiple challenges (Renly). All in all the military target kills are too conditional or expensive to be effective in my view.

I like military decks but I would say you should only play this if you have a high frustration tolerance.

uBaH 7

So you have only 2 targets for the King Attachment. Why no The Blackfish as another alternative. Also I think your event base is a bit Heavy. Can you support all of them?

Mormegil 11

@uBaH There are more than two targets ... yes, Ned and Robb are the best ones but a Jory or an Ara that doesn't kneel to attack is also quite good. And the events ... I found them useable and triggerable most of the time ... I haven't found my eventbase to be a rroblem at all. Thanks for the feedback!

@Samwell Sorry, but that is not my experience. Aggro-removal is not the only win condition, I was able to out-rush my opponent several times due to fast Eddy. It can be a swingy deck, yes, but you are able to outpace your Opponent often (be it boardstate or power). I've now played around 20 games with the deck and my win rate was overall around 50-50 while having won against every house at least once (except Tyrell who I only encountered once). Your listed "Counters" are counterable quite easy on your part: Rains you can counter with Catelyn, tears with Bran and Catelyn, Jumper-decks lack powericons (something you have a bunch of), Saves can be burnt through and Bara is more about dominance than kneeling those days. Core Mel is a problem, but I find new Mel is being played more and more; Bara is actually a nice faction to play against, I found it quite easy to out-rush them while burning their dominance locations with Put to the Sword. Keep in mind that you can trigger Put to the Torch before claim, so if they have Iron Mines or Spears of the Merlin King, you can wreck them before they can save from claim. Tinder Marge can be really annoying for your deck and Tyrell is quite rushy as well, so Tyrell is the only house that really countered the deck; If they use old Marge though, my opinion would be a different one.

So overall, this deck can live up to my promised win-rate (at least on And please, don't say something like this: "I would say you should only play this if you have a high frustration tolerance." I really don't think you should judge the decks of other players with "frustrating" or any other negative terms before at least testing it and making your own experiences. The deck is frustrating sometimes, yes, but the same can be said for 99% of the decks out there. You just have games where you opponent sees everything and you don't and I won't deny that you have them with this deck; But those games are the exception and not the rule. I don't want to start an Internet fight or anything, but I am not entirely happy with you discouraging players to at least try the deck with saying that it would be frustrating because it is mostly not (at least in my experience). Still, thanks for your feedback, have a good one!

CMonster907 21

Also another easy way to deal with the Rains "counter" to this deck is win initiative. Then Filthy and Game of Thrones 100% can't stop you. Good news is this deck has pretty good initiative.

Mormegil 11

@CMonster907 That is certainly true! Going first with intimiadate and lots of military pressure is often an advantage.