Heroes of Flea Bottom (small 10 man GNK winner)

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Zaid_kw 19

This is a pet project of a deck where I wanted to abuse the Oberyn's Revenge chapter pack which I feel is absolutely filled with game changing cards.

The Deck is a classic The Wall Deck that attempts to clear out any characters on the board and win off the power gain the wall gives you. Flea Bottom allows you to continue having a board presence. All characters in the entire deck are valid targets for it except for Benjen Stark and Qhorin Halfhand who is a "closer" character who takes over games against decks that are also swarming the board with low cost characters.

This deck has some of the best set ups due to its low cost and only having need of only 2 limited locations. The cards to look for are Flea Bottom Second Sons Plaza of Pride, and The Wall. Those are the heart of this deck.

Flea Bottom works best with: Second Sons because the interaction is repeatable every round and if you have successful in keeping the board state small, having second suns every turn is huge. Plaza of Pride helps you fuel Flea Bottom while also allowing you to use your small board to protect the wall and or challenge the opponent yourself during Retaliation turns. Begging Brother when needed to control. Maester Aemon (Core) for protection and Quaithe of the Shadow for her enters play reaction.

Plaza of Pride Works so well when 0 Cost cards can stand all but 2 of your characters. Additionally all your 3 cost characters can be discarded to stand Qhorhin taking full advantage of his Renown and Reaction. Again its also another useful way to get Second Sons where it belongs, the discard pile.

Dragonglass Dagger always over-performs and helps the Shadow Tower Mason pull their weight. Your characters are disposable so having these returning to your hand often to reuse on your chaff makes them a lot more viable winning challenges for you.

Mutiny At Craster's Keep Is one of the most satisfying cards in the deck since you dont mind trading your 3 coster for their best character and it really opens up strong Marched to the Wall plays. This deck can force a marched on a duped important character so often and it feels GOOD!

Old Forest Hunter Enabled Flea bottom in a very elegant way since it discards a card and gives you the 1 coin you need to bring it back with Flea Bottom

The deck is very fun to play and has tons of novel decisions to make every turn. Focus on limiting the board even if it costs you since the trades are almost always in your favor. Going second is almost always your friend in this deck.

My thoughts going forward are: I need more space for draw, more characters and a third Begging Brother would be welcome. The card that I felt was weakest was Benjen Stark. I would also like to put in Counting Coppers possibly in the place of Here to Serve but that is a bit scary.


-1 Benjen Stark +1 Yoren

-1 Calm Over Westeros or Here to Serve +1 Forgotten Plans


zack 3

Interesting idea, thanks for sharing.

I'm surprised you've no Veteran Builder in here, which would give you double duty Flea Bottom and additional triggers to stand Qhorin Halfhand.

Also, how do you counter location hate, especially on Flea Bottom and especially Frozen Solid? Feels like a job for Confiscation.


Zaid_kw 19

@zack I have been playing this a decent amount continuing to tweak it and it continues to do well and win. Location control seems to have moved mostly into Political Disaster or Isle of Ravens to deal with Flea Bottom specifically.

What really punishes me is The First Snow of Winter. It is an absolute blow out.

I have made some changes to the list focusing on two things:

  1. Making sure every character is 3 cost and lower except for Qhorin Halfhand
  2. Adding Forgotten Plans to handle The First Snow of Winter

-1 Benjen Stark -1 Here to Serve +1 Yoren +1 Forgotten Plans

I think adding Veteran Builder works very well since it keeps with the plan perfectly as well as adding Confiscation instead of Calm Over Westeros but I honestly havent felt the need to address any Frozen Solids.