The Tax Collector

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SenescentOcelot 65

I had an idea for this concept of using as an economy pincher after getting demolished by a Kings of Winter deck. It was only natural to include some gold steal, and thus The Tax Collector was born.

There is no one champion to this deck, as the major goal is to whittle your opponent's economy down in a methodical way, chipping away here and there until they scream at you from across the table. Get used to hearing "just ONE more gold!" as the excuse to sustain your enjoyment, as you knock them out slowly but surely. It's part board wipe, part ambush, part passive power, and is tons of fun in Melee. Paired with a Kings of Winter agenda, and a pair of Brothel Madame, you're insulated from many of your Rival challenges.

The deck starts with NW economy tricks including: The New Gift, 3x Steward at the Wall and 3x Lannisport Merchant. Mix in other stewards Satin, Maester Aemon (Core) and even Jon Snow (Core), you've got plenty of economy and draw, most of which you can use in the challenges phase. On the side, you've got Tyrion Lannister (Core), Crossroads Sellsword, and Kayce Merchantto round out your challenge phase gold generation.

Once there, you've got plenty to spend your challenge phase gold on. Whether it's The Hound (TtB), Ser Alliser Thorne, or Stone Crows you've got plenty of action during challenges to soak up damage, add in passive power gain, or steal a power with unopposed. By leveraging intrigue challenges with Red Cloaks and Tyrion Lannister (Core). A Sworn to the Watch Tyrion makes an excellent companion to Jon Snow

All in all, a fun deck to play in Melee, and is fairly competitive in Joust.

Chapter 3 compliant.

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