King of the sea - 8/2 - 22nd at Stahleck

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Isian.H 718

I’ve been playing so many different versions of this deck leading up to stahlek that I just couldn’t decide what to play in the end. I was playing the double heads on spikes, first snow version for ages and had been doing well. With the release of new box I wasn’t so sure about it so I took all my GJ and neutral cards with me and decided to yolo it and make something on the morning of the tournament. I also haven’t posted any updated decklists in a while because of stahlek.

Game 1 vs Greyjoy Fealty I Trading into time of plenty when opponent setup duped balon. let her go first, play varys, march the balon and pressure through mil with victarion and win.

Game 2 vs Greyjoy brotherhood banners He sets up duped rattleshirt to my balon. An early PTTS doesn’t hit much. I keep going first so get full use of balon and am able to go faster than him. I finish the game with 6+ power on balon.

Game 3 vs Targ Crossing Dude sets up a plaza of pride and characters to my Euron chud. I play trading. He duped the plaza But doesn’t know about my secret tech, I play two newly made lords. izi. Euron stole plaza and we went to work. Had to keep the pressure high so he couldn’t outrush me but he ran out of cards and two kindsroads a turn from Euron made it so I could play anything I wanted.

Game 4 vs Nights Watch Rains A good start from him. Halder, vault and chuds. Gets aemon out with a plot, a second undergound vault and Qhorin. I had duped Dagmer out and I play theon and chuds. I power with Dagmer he opposes and doesn’t care about it because there’s nothing to steal. Or is there. I nightmares the vault and take it. An unopposed with theon blows up the other one with WDNS. I’m slowly loosing control when he milks and strangles my characters. So I decide to Varys and wipe his board. I slowly manage to grind close to 15 power before time was called and he graciously conceded.

Game 5 vs Tyrell summer I have a 7 card setup, so cash. He starts off with duped Marge and chuds. plays tons of stuff turn one with Hightower out. I play varys. He passes challenges and I do some challenges for fun. He nightmares varys in Dom I have a HJ, he then ambushes in the chud that lets you play events out of discard pile to use nightmares again. I allowed it and have only just realised that ambush is a challenges phase action. Turn two I play nothing burns like the cold and get rid of Hightower he plays a begging brother which is annoying. get through the challenges phase I nightmares Begging brother and varys. march marge, go first and get ahead and pressure with Balon. guy was super scared of my rains trigger. Closed without much difficulty

Game 6 vs Tyrell summer Guy opens with Hightower and chuds I have a balon chud setup I think. I blow up Hightower turn one with the plot but it was a mistake I pulled the trigger too early. I Should have waited a turn. He plays another immidiately which is a bit of a tempo hit but not much. The game goes on and he’s always got tons of cards in hand thanks to Hightower. should have kept an eye on his hand because I think he was over all game. Only realised after valar with 12 cards in hand in the next round. I couldn’t close the game and lost. Didn’t draw any characters for 2 turns.

Game 7 vs targ Fealty He sets up two 4 costers and roseroad. I setup victarion and chud thought it was worth it to march him because I had chuds in hand so 4/5 gold was ok for me. I find iron victory and victarion goes to work. He gets milked so I nothing burns to get rid of it at the expense of an iron mine. I’ve got much more pressure than him during my turn and get to a win nice and smoothly. Surprise political disaster into burning from the targ was interesting.

Game 8 vs Tyrell rains Great guy. Great player. I have a 4 or 5 card setup with balon chud and he sets up littlefinger bodyguard and locations. I march and he plays gold plot. He doesn’t have any mil icons for awhile so Balon is doing work with lots of power on him. I mil with marge on the table while Garth is on the table. He dies to mil and varys comes out. Oops. Two cards in hand both nightmares. I valar next turn to get rid of varys. The Tipping point in the game is on my valar turn the decision to oppose his intrigue so he didn’t pulling the strings to march my duped balon with 6 power on him sealed the game after turn 4/5. Little bird was the MVP.

7-1 I come 9th place and get to proceed straight to the top 32

Top 32 vs stark Fealty deckcheck done and everything’s in order. don’t shuffle enough and end up with 3 HJ and setup a single Dagmer great hall on setup. he has three charachters turn 1 all duped to my two. I don’t draw any characters for three turns. He strangles and milks Euron and damger, marriage pact seen too. can’t get rains off because winterfell. Manage to NML his other location to nothing burns winterfell but it’s too late. I’m still drawing shit. a single varys was a saviour for a turn slowing him down but he was already too far ahead at that point and I couldn’t do much. still drawing trash. he didn’t play a single event and I finished the game with the three HJ I had in hand on setup.

Great tournament 100% would yolo again. never running less than 63 cards again thanks to DBUKNC

I’m ready to give this up now I think and move onto something new. Waiting for valar dohaeris to shake things up


scantrell24 2861

Congrats and thanks for sharing your list! How was Trade Routes?

Isian.H 718

Trade routes was great most games but had to wait till plot 3 to be used most of the time. Sometimes plot 2. It doesn’t synergies so well when you’re trying to get rid of opponents locations but you tend to have a lot too or steal some.

Nothing burns like the cold is good location hate but not reliable as attachment hate because if opponent has more than one in play giving them a choice won’t end well for you

mattastrophic 631

What's "DBUKNC?"

jcwamma 2029

@mattastrophicDave Bamford, UK National Champion

Isian.H 718

The one and only

Schwaig 33

Sorry for ambushing out of challenges, was not intentional. Might need to read the rules once more.

dockellis 776

64 card special

Isian.H 718

@Schwaig Don’t worry about it. I thought it was okay at the time so I’m to blame. You were a great opponent. Gave me a hard time :D

Nimer 2103

Hey mate! It was a difficult game against you... besides your very good start I had resources to try to come back but you were able to counter all of them, as well as avoid my "pulling the strings trap"... well played! I was really surprised by nothing burns... very smart plot. ;) Hope to see you again soon.

Schwaig 33

@Isian.H Thanks for the kind words but we both know its not true, I didnt stand a chance after the Nothing burns. But that was a good lesson. Hope to play you again some day :)

Alex fr 1

Congrats mate !!

Isian.H 718

@Alex fryou too. You came 19th that’s amazing!

Reader 125

Cheers for the write up Isian. I'm certainly interested to see how people adapt to the VD meta. Stark Rains might be good, with plot protection and STR boost for weenies.

Catch you soon. Martin

martin87 1

@Isian.H Ahoj, jaké ty uděláš změny po vydání Valar Dohaeris? Thank you for your response. Martin

martin87 1

@Isian.H Hello, what will you do after the Valar Dohaeris release? Thank you for your response. Martin

Isian.H 718

@martin87 It’s hard to say. I planned on giving the deck a rest for a while. With Valar Dohaeris out i would probably build this deck differently. Using first snow and changing character base completely to include more 4 costers like silence crew and maybe remove some of the 7costers. Or you could keep it as it is for the most part and add Lordsport Fisherman

mqsi 68

The video of Round 6 is now available at