Jump arround ! (5/3 at stahleck)

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brainu 1325

Hello ! this is the deck i played in stahleck this year. Not the best deck, but a very very fun one. This was inspired by a french player named toomagic, did only change few cards. I post it beacause even i didnt get much sucess just because it's very fun.

Main idea is to jump a lot of things, from hand and discard and deck, get back in hand and reapeat as much as possible. Worst match up is greayjoy rains.

Intimidate : Rakharo and "The Last of the Giants" can give you intimidate, with Plaza of Pride and The Lord of the Crossingyou can really abuse this keyword.

2 milk, mostly to counter lannister and tyrell (i was playing crown before, but everytime i wished it was a milk... then i just put the 2nd milk as the 61 card)

Then not much to say, lets do a small report :

r1 : Bye. Win

r2 : Martell wolf (flor). Lost. Not much i could do

r3 : Nw rains (Francesco f.). Win. Not much he could do

r4 : Tyrell lion (alquimista). Win. Close match, a jaqen killed his mace with 5 power and seal the game

r5 : Targ fealty (george k.). Win. Close match, would have lost if he didnt forget his dragon is no slave in his discard

r6 : Lanni crossing (darren h.). Loss. Nothing i could do. He setup 6 cards then the turn 1 in my first snow was too brutal for a man...

r7 : Tyrell castamere (joe z.). Loss. Not much a can do. Elinor + chud's + great hall on setup. Turn 1, he played another 2 great hall, and from then played 1 big char every turn duped for free. (+ got the 2 cost jumper to not get marched turn 2)

r8 : Greyjoy crossing (Dave b.). Win. Not much he could do, i setup varys with chud (no other option), he openned counting, didnt see nightmare or seastone chair... then it was a slow loose for him.

Even going 5/3 it was cool !!! see ya in next stahleck or birmingam i guess :D


Baronerosso 155

This deck <3 <3

Mario57 119

Ahahahah outstanding deck! Congrats for the result! <3

_phoenix_ 1

Nice deck...Can you please explain the reason about “dotraki’s sea” ?! Tnx

Reader 87

Hi, I played against you, with this build on Ironthrone before Stahleck. You mashed me to a pulp in the first two games, but I managed to control and win our 3rd. I was happy to avoid you at Stahleck though. We both managed 5-3. I love this deck and think it will prove to be even better in the the Valar D meta. Another great build.


Reader 87

Can I asked why you dropped the Faceless Men? I thought that their ambush was really powerful. You also dropped Crown of Gold?

imabunneh 307

It was a shame our game was over so quickly because I really wanted to see more of the deck, it looked exciting fun. Thanks for sharing!

Nimer 1390

Lovely deck!!! <3 <3 It was nice to finally meet you in person. Hope to see you again soon!

FrancescoFolla 25

Great deck! It was great meeting you, Brainu!

alquimista 67

Nice deck and better player! If only I was more careful during our match :p

brainu 1325

@_phoenix_Its very good with counting/first snow, it allow you to do 3 chal even with low gold. (+ giving intimidate to rakharo or doing another mil with khal drogo its strong)

@Echoes of Ice & FireI dropped faceless because they was useles on early turns when the deck want explosive turn... then some game there was litteraly no dead character because of varys and i just want less late game/situational cards. No crown because i find milk stronger.

@imabunneh hehe, will try to get my revenge next time (maybe i blackwater ?) with hopefully something even more exciting fun <3

@italianmeta : great to meet all of you guys !

@alquimistathx <3 and yeah :p

iaan 17

Was great to meet and chat with you <3!

As I think this deck is pretty resilient to VD, would you play it, maybe with some rework?