The Chivalry of the South: Top 8 Stahleck 2017

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mattastrophic 631


"Tyrell swords will make me king. Rowan and Tarly and Caron will make me king, with axe and mace and warhammer. Tarth arrows and Penrose lances, Fossoway, Cuy, Mullendore, Estermont, Selmy, Hightower, Oakheart, Crane, Caswell, Blackbar, Morrigen, Beesbury, Shermer, Dunn, Footly . . . even House Florent, your own wife's brothers and uncles, they will make me king. All the chivalry of the south rides with me, and that is the least part of my power."

This is the Tyrell deck I brought to the Tourney of Stahleck 2017 in Bacharach, Germany, and after an epic ride, finished in the Top 8.

I found the deck to be a great meta-call for the Stahleck field, focusing on dealing with rush, Rains, and other decks that play the game with characters and challenges. The gameplan is to leverage Tyrell's gold and card-draw to marshal lots of characters with Renown and duplicates to keep them on the board. Queen Margaery is our key character for maintaining a board full of Lords with Renown. Supporting this strategy is Brienne of Tarth with her ability to defend without kneeling and a suite of Knights to fill out our attack.

But the Highgarden Courtiers, the events, and Wardens of the South are what make this deck ride hard. These cards allow us to make big challenges, using our Renown characters multiple times in a phase to seize victory.

Overall, this deck does a great job of allowing the player to win games through clever use of challenges, events, and character abilities. It's great fun to pilot!


celric 306

Grats on the great finish. Love how much STR boost you loaded into the deck. You may have played for team Scotland but the PNW was rooting hard for you.

Question about Nothing Burns like the Cold: It has great initiative, but otherwise were you primarily using it as a replacement for Confiscation or was clearing an early troublesome location the main idea of the plot?

NastyJack 1

I'm surprised you don't have Green Apple Knights in here. They have the Int icons for Rains, there's enough other knights that they probably won't kneel to attack and they can be hit with Growing Strong or LRR unlike the Hedge Knight. Is it just the lack of a power icon?

mattastrophic 631

@celric Thanks for the support throughout the weekend! I really wanted to help out the Scottish in the team tournament on Sunday, since the American contingent was a really tight group.

Nothing Burns is in there for clearing Flea Bottoms, Plazas of Pride, etc. In total, I managed to remove two Winterfells, two Flea Bottoms, a Plaza, a Casterly Rock, and an Eyrie. It's not so much a Confiscation replacement as a location-control plot that can serve as a Confiscation sometimes.

I had experienced a great deal of Greyjoy in Europe, so I intentionally dropped all my non-limited locations saving Pleasure Barges. Nothing Burns fit right in!

@NastyJack A previous iteration of this deck actually had 3x Green Apple Knight. The problem I ran into is that they were, for this deck, only useful when I had a swarm of characters on the board, meaning that they were only good when things were already going well. They were also terrible after a Valar would go off. I do have two Hedge Knights in there because they're 2g, they have military icons, and they're easy to get up to 3 STR, useful for after a reset went off.

Meanwhile, the Knights of the Reach were awesome all weekend! Their ability to give power to Brienne or Margaery was useful every time I drew them! They can also trigger Rains of Castamere all by themselves when Growing Strong, Garlan, or Wardens of the South were involved.