Blood"riders" KappaPride - 5-3 @ Stahleck Joust 2017 #TeamSw

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"What??" - Every Opponent

I didn't find myself loving the meta or the decks we come up with in #TeamSweden after the release of House of Thorns. So I just wanted to play something I found fun to play this year and concentrate my energy on Melee.

So I started with some cards I love and find fun and went from there. First Snow, Duel, Support(<3), Fortified Position(Fuck Mace).

I decided that Targaryen and it's Bloodrider package would fit quite nicely and it's also a House that noone expects to play First Snow(looking at you Stephen) or Duel. I also like the interaction of Crossing with Support, Jaqen and Mirri - the stand doesn't hurt 'em either.. I also wanted a deck that didn't draw dead very often. Plaza and Qotho helps you with discarding dead characters or stuff not useful for the matchup.

The deck packs a bunch of neat little interactions that together creates a deck that is very fun and challenging to play. I love making Tempo-plays and surprise my opponent, this deck does just that. Going into challenges you're never gonna feel safe.

I went 5-0 against a host of great and wonderful opponents. Needless to say I remember the bad-beats with a thick and vivid dread. I have a history of missing nearly missing the cut in Stahleck Joust, this time was no different.

The 5-1 Match was against Dimitry from Russia - Lanni Crossing. A tough matchup, deck did what it should but a Treachery on Mirri trying to hug(promise) Gregor set me back too much and he easily closed out the game.

The 5-2 Match was against Lennart Paga from Germany - Martell Stag. A good matchup in which I can create a lot of pressure. I had Astapor in my first draw so I kept an Okay-ish 3-card setup. Putting 3 gold on Astapor proved to be very annoying for Lennart and enabled me to push through many UO challenges and negating his. Plaza of Punishment was able to eat chuds faster than he could marshall them. I was able to protect my hand through out the game and win Power challenges over and over. Still... having a re-draw of only Limited locations was proving too big an obstacle to overcome and his early 3x Seen in Flames and Nightmares took away key Tempo plays and chars. This time IKEA defeated the Bloodriders.

The 5-3 Match was against Andre Sestak from Czech Republic - Greyjoy Rose. Me and Raius(Andre's friend) had tried to build some decks for Stahleck together so I knew the deck intimately, it's a super fast rush decks that is resiliant to Valar. It relies on the Courtier and various Tyrell cards to push through challenges and end quickly. Rush isn't a very bad matchup as it turns out, esp. not the ones who rely on chuds to support it. I was very confident and had the deck cooperated I was likely to win. But... In the bottom 10 cards were 7 of my key cards, 2x Flea Bottom, 3x Plaza and 2x Support and in the it ended up being too slow to stave off the rush.

If only the deck performed as it's meant to in either of the last two games I'm sure I'd be in the cut instead of chewing mouthfuls of dust. Alas' it's a card game we're playing and shit happens. The deck took me far longer than I expected given the meta and I had great fun with it. The pure joy I get from having my opponent gasp in surprise when I play unconventional cards is what brings me back to the game again and again. And I'm not gonna stop anytime soon!

"You play First Snow?! In Targ?!"

"Why did you kill Mirri to Mil claim?? ... Eh, Duel? Well, fuck."

Favorite interactions:

  • Astapor a big char in a Power challenge and go get Punishment to kill it off
  • Fortified Position with Ser Jorah, Honor Guard & Second Sons
  • Iron Bank mid-challenge on a char attacking alongside Mirri
  • Discard Freedmen for Qotho/Plaza and get them back next turn with First Snow.
  • Hold Freedmen in the discard pile to repopulate after a Valar.
  • Jaq'en/Mirri with Crossing
  • Quaithe with the abundance of Crossing in the Meta(-1 Str first challenge)
  • Iron Bank on Littlefinger
  • Iron Bank on Viserys mid-challenge with a Milked Mirri/Jaqen etc. etc.

Hot: (aside from obvious cards like FB, Plaza etc.)

  • Qotho - I love this lad. Tempo, tempo, tricks!
  • Littlefinger - With all of the discard it is absolutely crucial to refill your hand. Littlefinger --> Iron Bank --> Drogo was a common play. Or even March/Iron Bank to save from Valar and re-play next turn.
  • Freedmen - PAPER SNAKES SO STRONK, they might be an argument for running 2x Marched.


  • Strong Belwas - I want Valar redundacy but felt myself struggling to afford him. It might be a better option to just play somewhat more conservatively.
  • Rakharo - He was good in some games, but he only really felt good with Blood of My Blood for surprise Intimidate.

Possible additions:

  • 2-claimer - probably Retaliation
  • Put to the Sword - Maybe instead of Blood of My Blood(it would make the deck a million times more boring though :P )
  • Something to speed the deck up.
  • Tune the Locations in accordance to the Meta as it evolves.

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Your's Truly,

Andreas "Buzz" Aldrin

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Stormborn 205

Great write up! Killing Mirri for claim to set-up the duel haha - never seen that before.