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Johannes 399

This is the deck I took to Stahleck melee and ended up winning with it. Originally I was planning to take Tyrell Wolf Ladies and Knights deck but the restricted hurt that deck bit too much in my opinion. I really wanted to include Lady Sansa's Rose and All Men Are Fools to be able to sneak in challenges to gain power but with restricted list people would know what to defend after I would have played the first power gain event. So instead I build Tyrell Kings of Summer deck focusing to strength boosts, stand and winning by five. With stand effects it's easy do defend and attack later or vise versa. And I didn't mind getting the defensive renown and perhaps trigger Superior Claim on defense. Didn't get that much defensive renown but it did keep people from attacking me.

The circumstances before Stahleck Melee and my first international tournament (and first competitive melee games) could have been better. Evening before the trip I got migraine headache and couldn't finalize my deck. Unfortunately it hit me again Thursday evening and I wasn't able to work things out with deck then too but just tried to relax. I did get a good discussion on plane with my team mate Antti V about probable massive turnout of Greyjoy decks with Sea Bitch. That lead me to cut The Honeywine and replace it with Street of the Sisters since I didn't want Greyjoy to win games with my Honeywine. A problem was that I didn't bring any with me and most of the players seemed to use their copies themselves. Luckily my team mate Joni brought all the neutrals with him and was not going to use them so I was able to get two copies.

I also cut Olenna's Informants already before the trip since after simulating some games with the deck it started to be obvious that I could not afford to play them in most of the games. I replaced them with another copy of Olenna's Machinations and Green-Apple Knight. I was also about to include Tourney Grounds into my deck because I was afraid of not having gold for events but team mate Lauri convinced me not to and I think it was a right decision. Finally I noticed that I hadn't brought Crown of Golden Roses with me but fortunately Lauri had extra.

So I was heading to the tournament after putting my deck together in the morning and running around after cards and making changes back and forth with my decklist. And because two nights of migraine headaches I was worried if I could play at all. I knew my deck was potentially really fast and I usually do well in melee since I am a decent people's person. Of course I didn't really know what to expect since I have never played competitive melee and hadn't played a single game with my deck.

First Round

My first round table was sadly a three person table. And three person melee sucks. The new rules make it slightly better but worked against me a lot in this one. Other players on the table were Even from Norway/Scotland and Tristan from France. I already knew Even is a really good player and I met with him again in melee final and in king of swiss game in joust. With Tristan I immediately noticed that he's a good melee player and he ended up being the best NW player in melee.

Even was playing Targaryen Rose and Tristan NW The Brotherhood Without Banners. By turn two I hand a really strong board with duped Renly Baratheon (FFH) and dupe Randyll Tarly. This of course meant I have a huge target on my back. Unfortunately for me Tristan had Ygritte and Crow Killers in setup and later he crowned Crow Killers King Beyond the Wall. So he had stealth from Ygritte, agenda and later Wildling Scouts to go past my big guys and claim from King Beyond the Wall and the title. And without support and Crown Regent I had no way of protecting my board against him. And my summer plots with juicy reserve enabled him to do non-kneeling attacks against me. And of course with the wildling king on board Renly couldn't be saved.

However I managed to keep my board somewhat alive. When we headed for the deciding round I was made to go first. I had no hand put played Wardens of the South to be able to get Randyll into two challenges. I decided to take the military claim agenda just to protect my board from Tristan if I couldn't win. With more aggressive title picking for extra draw or two power challenges could have gotten me the win but couldn't really know that beforehand. I managed to get to 14 power after Even had Nightmared Randyll and ended up drawing Superior Claim with Renly's insight which would have gotten me the win. Instead Tristan did his challenges against me stealthing almost everyone and finishing with three "The Dornishman's Wife".

Second place 13 power.

Second Round

I'm sorry I don't remember the players names from this one, only Werner whose name I asked twice :) Werner played Greyjoy The Brotherhood Without Banners, there was another German player playing Stark Rains Direwolves and Dutch player playing Lanni Rains. Pretty interesting match-ups for melee. I started again really strong with Renly duped, Randyll duped, Highgarden Courtier by the first round. This made me a target once again. This game was really exhausting since we saw Marched to the Wall, Duel and Riddled Duel and Valar Morghulis. There was also some broken promises who can decide the Duel targets which luckily helped me.

I drew basically only big guys and couple of Green-Apple Knights which are terrible on small boards since they have no strength, they kneel and cost too much to play multiples. Somehow I managed to survive to turn three with six power, Randyll Tarly and Green-Apple Knight. I got the title that enabled me to do two power challenges and got to go second. Randyll Tarly just won me the game with Wardens of the South.

I did 8 str power challenge against Werner who had only 7 str of power icons and decided to just to block with the chud. I played Superior Claim, used Street of the Sisters and got renown and claim and got to 11 power. Then attacked the Dutch player with another power challenge getting unopposed, claim and renown and got to 14 power. Played Olenna's Machinations and made another power challenge against the Dutch player and got the game. Later after the top 16 match I learned this is not actually allowed because the title prevents you from declaring a power challenge to the same player again. So Olenna's Machinations is anti-synergy with the Hand of the King title. It's good that it didn't make any difference since I could have just done the unopposed military challenge with Randyll and gotten the renown.

Exhausting game but a win with 15 power.

Third Round

Third round table was all Brittish except me. This was probably the easiest game for me because I was able to go last first round and there wasn't that much negotiating needed. Richard played Targ Crossing, Sweeney played magnificent NW Rose combo deck with The Knight of Flowers (HoT), To the Rose Banner! and Night Gathers... and Gabbi played cool Tyrell knights deck built around Ser Garlan Tyrell (HoT).

I started with The Knight of Flowers (Core), Highgarden Courtier and econ and marshalled Ser Garlan Tyrell (OR) with bestow and a chud or something like that. I held my own and as being the last player I got to get some unopposed and rival power with claim and renown and got to 9 power after turn one. So once again I had a huge target on my back.

I was made to go third on plot 2 and Sweeney was able to intimidate The Knight of Flowers (Core) with help of "Lord Renly's Ride" and Gabbi did couple of 2 claim challenges against me. Fortunately my hand was full from the first rounds Late Summer Feasts and I was able to hold on to my Superior Claim. I think I got unopposed intrigue against Gabbi and sealed the game against Sweeney with a power challenge, Superior Claim and Street of the Sisters. Sweeney had burned his The Hand's Judgment cancelling my Growing Strong earlier and couldn't find another with The Dragon's Tail.

Fun game and relaxed atmosphere was welcome after a really exhausting round 2 game. A win and 15 power.

Fourth Round

In the last round of swiss I got Sweeney again to my table with Tom and a French player whose name I missed/forgot. Sorry about that. I already knew what Sweeney was playing and Tom was playing Stark Kraken Corpse Lake. The French player was running Greyjoy The Brotherhood Without Banners.

I started a bit slower with The Knight of Flowers (Core) duped and Ser Garlan Tyrell (OR) and Green-Apple Knight on the first round. I was made first so I carefully got 3 powers first turn with Green-Apple Knight while left the renown guys defending. Tom started pretty strong with Corpse Lake collecting power with help of Jojen Reed and Ser Edmure Tully stealing Victarion Greyjoys renown. The Greyjoy player did ok to. Sweeney tried to "The Last of the Giants" Varys on dominance but Tom had Bran Stark (Core).

So now I knew Varys was coming so I was thinking about finishing fast. I had no other dupes so I decided to go with Name Day Tourney to the power on my duped The Knight of Flowers (Core). Tom had similar idea and tried to rush to victory even though he had another Bran. He made a big power challenge against me that I tried to fully block with help of Growing Strong and Ser Garlan Tyrell (OR) but Tom cancelled my Growing Strong. I used Garlan to stop him winning by five and we went to my challenges with Tom sitting in 13 power. I battled back and got to 14 power with concentrating my power on my duped The Knight of Flowers (Core) as planned. Greyjoy player tallied up some power too but plenty of them was on Crow Killers who got Varysed. I dropped to 12 power after losing a power challenge with 2 claim, winning dom and losing Ser Jon Fossoway's renown.

I was pretty sure I should be able to win if I won initiative. I was so disappointed I hadn't included Sneak Attack on my plot deck since 2 claim power would have done the trick. Sneak Attack would have given me the gold to marshal Brienne of Tarth (GoH) and save money for events but instead I had to go with Weapons at the Door. Luckily I was able to go first. I decided to marshal only a Garden Caretaker, Street of the Sisters and keep the gold for events instead of marshaling just Brienne.

Sweeney did all his tricks with The Annals of Castle Black, The Knight of Flowers (HoT), To the Rose Banner! and Night Gathers... collecting something like 28 gold and marshaling Tom's impressive discard pile rewarded by a round of applauds. Tom had also a good combeback but I was able to seal it with 2 Growing Strong and big power challenge with The Knight of Flowers (Core) and Garden Caretaker.

A win and 15 power.

Top 16

There were 4 Finns in top 16. We hoped that we could avoid each other in top 16 or at least get to go to 3 different tables. Instead it was Tupaq in one table and Seppo, Antti V and I in one table. Seppo was playing Greyjoy Fealty and Antti Greyjoy Crossing. We were joined by a swede Jonas. So all Nordic melee table.

The game was pretty even with all good players. Seppo probably had the best start board wise but Antti was hoarding power with Balon Greyjoy (Core), King of Salt and Rock and Crossing. Jonas was playing a nice Stark army deck with King Robb's Host. Jonas decided to Duel turn two to keep the Greyjoy's from winning the game. For once I wasn't the target for Duel but got to decide who to kill and kneel! Antti's Balon Greyjoy (Core) got killed and Seppo's Euron Crow's Eye got kneeled. Seppo played Your King Commands It so I wasn't going to win this turn either even though I had Margaery Tyrell (AMAF). This hurt because I had Randyll Tarly and Wardens of the South but didn't have a Crown of Golden Roses for Randyll.

Plot three Jonas played Fortified Position to slow renown guys again. He had drawn Superior Claim with Jojen Reed so we all knew he had it so he was made first that we all could defend the power from King Robb's Host. I went with Name Day Tourney which was a good choice for extra power gain on Fortified turn. Jonas got to 12 power without kneeling too much of his board. He was trying to get the second place after realizing he couldn't get the win. Seppo revealed A Storm of Swords and had Hand of the King so he could make 5 challenges for potential unopposed and rival wins. Unfortunately for him he was only able to get to 14 power. At one time Jonas offered unopposed him an unopposed challenge to make Seppo king and make Jonas able to come second. Seppo answered he doesn't like that kind of kingmaking, refused the offer and did his challenges against Antti.

Antti V had his board all kneeled out except Euron Crow's Eye so he couldn't win. I was going last so I had a good chance of winning. Time was called so I only needed to get more power than Seppo. Unfortunately I forgot Seppo's +1 in power challenges from the title and couldn't play Superior Claim. But I could win a int challenge with Renly by 5 to get Olenna's Machinations back from discard pile (used that to lure Jonas using Bran a turn before). Then I made another power challenge against Seppo. The thing is that I wanted Seppo to come second after refusing the kingmaking and second power claim would prevent that. However I won after Superior Claim, Street of the Sisters and upposed before the claim to secure the win.

It was a really tight table and with help from Seppo's especial sportsmanship I managed to get to the final table.


Final started around midnight and I started to get really really tired. The final was Even again, Bambi with Targ Kraken and Matt with Tyrell Kings of Summer Knights and Ladies rush. I started well with Brienne, Courtier and Great Hall on setup. I had The Knight of Flowers (Core), Heartsbane and Superior Claim in hand so I was feeling confident. I redrew another Superior Claim and played The Knight of Flowers (Core) with Heartsbane. I was looking for the opportunity to play Superior Claim the first round but couldn't do it. But I was able to get a third Superior Claim from Late Summer Feast :D After that I noticed that every time somebody walked behind me and looked at my hand some talking started. Luckily Matt's board was looking pretty scary so Bambi and Even concentrated on him rather than to my small but effective board.

Round two I decided to play Wardens of the South to be able to trigger Superior claims. I was made a first player so I was able to pick up Hand of the King for two power challenges. I marshaled Margaery Tyrell (AMAF) and was ready to go. First power challenge was against Even who had non-kneeling Brienne and Margaery Tyrell (Core). He boosted Ser Barristan Selmy (LoCR) before and decided to block with Barristan and Brienne forgotting the The Knight of Flowers (Core) ability. So he decided to defend just with un-boosted Brienne and I used Heartsbane to win by 5 and trigger Superior Claim. I did another power against Bambi with re-stood The Knight of Flowers (Core) who decided just to chud block and I played a second Superior Claim to get to 13 power. I would have been able to probably win an int challenge to get a renown on Margaery Tyrell (Core) to get to 14 power but could not be able to win mil and get the 15th power on Brienne of Tarth (GoH) so I passed challenges to Matt.

He hoarded a good deal of power with Name Day Tourney, Lady Sansa's Rose and his The Knight of Flowers (Core). He declared a power challenge against me with Knight of Summer that he was able to boost to 11+ with Margaery Tyrell (Core) and Willas Tyrell and possible other strength boost. Bambi quickly interrupted him pointing at my plot. I allowed the take back because we were all tired and nothing really had happened. Even could have stopped me from winning with Dracarys! I later got to notice he had. Or course the problem would have been that probably would have allowed Matt to win.

Then Matt passed and Even did big mil challenge against me with 2 claim. I defended with Brienne and boosted her with Wardens and Growing Strong but Even had Dracarys! and he won the challenge. I claimed Courtier and The Knight of Flowers (Core) with 3 power on to bring in Randyll Tarly with Margaery Tyrell (AMAF)s trigger. Randyll protected me from additional power challenges.

Going to last plot I realized I can't win a power challenge againt anyone if I go first with Weapons at the Door. I decided to go with Name Day Tourney so I could marshal Ser Garlan Tyrell (OR) with bestow to stand Randyll and maybe get a plot trigger with him too. Bambi Snowed Under Matt's A Tourney for the King and went first. He marshaled House of the Undying and tried to win the game. He got to 14 and left an open board for me for the win. Really tight final but eventually I was able to pull it of with Superior Claims and strength buffs.

Thanks everyone for really cool melee games. It was unbelievable experience and I was so overwhelmed after the win that couldn't say much. My first tournament victory ever and my first international tournament. Really big shout-out to my teammates for all the support and help with the deck. It seems that the restricted list was not able to stop fast rush decks altogether but there was many different decks in the field after all.


LGB 169

Thank you for the report!

Kentucky Shaun 39

This deck performed well in a three person melee versus Martell Fealty and Targaryen Fealty. I played roles very analytically and was able to make sure the Targaryen player supported me more often than not.

Johannes 399

@ShaunKetterman In Stahleck three person melee didn't have any supports or Crown Regent title so there was very little possibilities to protect your board state from an aggressive decks. In normal three person melee the deck should be really strong.