Stahleck 2017 finalist

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Reinhard`s Ride_World Champion 2017 104 71 28 1.0
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Dunkha 42

This is the deck I played in Stahleck 2017 and it got me all the way to the finals. It is almost the same deck as Reinhard's world championship deck so big thanks goes to him for sharing this amazing deck. All the way through the tournament I was more and more amazed how well it played. I was at the same time both sad, because I didn't want either one of us to drop out, and honored to face Reinhard in top 32. It was a nice match where my setup was just so much stronger that it won me the game.

I want to thank everyone making this tournament possible. It was lots of fun. Thanks goes also to my opponents who were always very polite and friendly. Big thanks to all the guys from Finland who were there with me and supported me. Special thanks goes to Tupaq Castro and Lauri Niemelä who have teached me so much of the game. I could never had better mentors :)

I can't really give full tournament report because I'm afraid I have forgotten some of the details after playing so many matches. As an overall I can say this deck can do miracles with just so little economy. It only plays two big characters Khal Drogo and Daenerys Targaryen but they both have huge impact on the board so they are totally worth their cost.

Qotho was even better than I thought he would be and won me couple of the matches. The momentum he can bring is just amazing especially in the early game. Of course Dracarys!, Flea Bottom (+ Second Sons) and Plaza of Pride were great but that we all already know. Milk of the Poppy, Nightmares and The Hand's Judgment played very crucial role in the deck giving some control with just few gold during the first rounds of the game. And usually that is all you need. As an overall I was never unhappy to miss some of the big cards like Flea Bottom, Khal Drogo, Daenerys Targaryen or Plaza of Pride because this deck has so many different powerful setups you can play giving it good consistency.


Reim 773

Gratulations to your result. Runner up in such a big tournament is great. You can be very proud on your showing.

Ebrey 147

Very well played! Sorry I made you count the STR of Doreah 50 times at 1 in the morning ;).

Dunkha 42

@ReimThank you! :) @EbreyThanks! Haha yes, I wanted to be sure and it was so late that I kept forgetting.

korlash 1

Congrats man!

Harren 356

Congrats man, what a nice final we played! Thank you!

Dunkha 42

@korlashThank you! @HarrenThanks! The final was a nice match but all those dupes on turn 3(?) made my Khal Drogo sad. However, Well played and congratulations for the win! It was a pleasure.