Everyone Gets Paid Off (Lannister Rains, top 32 Stahleck)

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Zmirc 96

Hello, this is the deck I played to the top 32 at Stahleck. It was created by mighty deckbuilder Simon Svensson (Zaramis), and I decided to go with it after failing to get my own creations to work this year. I had very little time to test before the tournament, but the individualist in me still wanted to swap some cards from Simon’s build, so I did. He will probably agree that Shae and Chella were good inclusions, but grind his teeth at the omission of Kevan for example. If there are any questions about the build, Simon can probably answer them best. A few words on my matches, for those interested:

Round 1: Matteo F, Tyrell Kings of Summer Matteo and I had met and talked for the first time the night before, and now we were paired against each other! He came out strong with Tyrell good stuff including Mace. I did not have the Lannister heavy hitters at the start but I had Chella in hand and started to plan for a Wildfire. I played The Eyrie on turn two I believe to be able to have an extra guy on the board after I managed to trigger Rains for Wildfire the following turn, gaining Chella renown and intimidate. The turn after that I could go first, triggering Rains for Power Behind the Throne for a double renown and intimitade with Chella, which together with some newly marshalled renown was just enough for the win. At that point Matteo had Hightower out and was only one or two powers away from winning with Mace. Very satisfied with how I played this game. 1–0.

Round 2: George K, Targaryen Fealty He set up a duped Daenerys with chud and economy, burned Tyrion in the first challenge phase and stopped my intrigue with a surprise Qotho, then swung back with the dragon queen two times to refill his hand and marshalled Drogo on turn two. I was stomped. 1–1.

Round 3: Joanna G, Greyjoy Rose She had king Balon out early, but lacked draw and intrigue icons and my intrigue attacks soon had her out of cards. In the long run she was not able to keep up with the card advantage for me. 2–1.

Round 4: David R, Tyrell The Lord of the Crossing After suffering the Targ god draw in round two it was my turn to have the nuts. Duped Tywin with chud and economy on setup, and Cersei with dupe and Tyrion after the first marshalling (thanks to opponent’s Trading). David had no chance. 3–1

Round 5: Ian P, Tyrell The Bannerhood Without Brothers After a mulligan I had to setup Cersei with bodyguard and no other characters. Luckily for me Ian did not have Marched… I don’t remember much from this game other than me weathering a two claim storm in the beginning. Probably Cersei did the stuff she usually does. 4–1

Round 6: Milan R, Tyrell The Lord of the Crossing Milan and I know each other since a few years back. He is a strong player but my deck usually handles Tyrell Crossing well, so I had some confidence going into the game. He had a bit of knight pressure early on but not enough, and Ilyn Payne began to munch the Green Apples on Milan’s side. I can’t remember any of the Tyrell heavy hitters on the board, so Milan probably did not draw very well in this match. 5–1

Round 7: Kostas A, Targaryen Rose I’m trying to remember this game but I’m drawing a blank, other than Kostas being a nice guy. It says in the score sheet I won, yay! 6–1

Round 8: Daniel N, Tyrell The Lord of the Crossing Daniel is also from Stockholm and we met for the second straight Stahleck joust. Last year I beat him in the top 32, but this game would be his. The details are a bit fuzzy but he had a strong board presence with steady power gain. Daniel agonized over me holding a Nightmares on the final turn to stop him from winning, but I had zip. 6–2, netting me a place in the top 64.

Top 64: Stepan K, Targaryen The Bannerhood Without Brothers Stepan put enormous pressure on me early on with twoclaimers and Crow Killers. I was able to weather the military storm thanks to Bodyguards and claim soak, but I lost Tyrion to Marched and had to claim a Brothel Madame which would have given me respite otherwise. My lone Cersei was joined by Ilyn Payne which signalled bad times for Stepans cheap characters. I stabilized with a Tywin with save, and after my Valar Stepan was left with only Jorah with two betrayal tokens. He marshalled Syrio but The Eyrie appeared on my side, meaning Tywin was safe for a swing back to trigger Rains. Stepans fate was sealed.

Top 32: Johannes J, Tyrell Kings of Summer I played rather awfully this game. Wish I could blame in on tiredness but my opponent had been up winning the melee the night before, so if anything he should have been more tired than me. Johannes had duped Renly early on while Jaime was the strongest character I would see for a few turns. I was able to keep Johannes at bay during a couple of Supporting the Faith turns with Brothel Madame and Paid Off. I went for heavy intrigue claim with The Spider’s Web but all I got for it were the economy locations Johaness had drawn. He promptly topdecked Tinder Marge to worsen things for me. One of the mistakes I made was not going first with Ilyn Payne in play to dispose of Ser Robar Royce with a couple of power. A quick dupe on Robar added this decision to the list of stuff I wish I had done differently in my life. Johannes was ahead on power pretty much the whole game and I was hoping he would let down his guard for a Red Wedding turn, but he was vigilant all along and kept enough on defense the entire time. A well deserved win for Johannes.

Thanks to my opponents who were all nice people, the rather likable Swedish meta, Wolfgang and the other organizers, and my international friends, old and new. Ci vediamo ragazzi!


Zaramis 247

It was excellent to see the deck piloted so well and working out!

For my own showing, it was 5-3, with a very unfortunate loss in the 7th round, but the deck performed very well then as well. :)

Zaramis 247

The whole idea behind the deck was to shut down the many Crossing-decks and other decks that relied on Military challenges, through Brothel Madams and Supporting the Faith, while leveraging Intrigue challenges to increase our control of the board through Rains as well as Paid Off.

samuellinde 7

You too, Björn, are rather likeable!

Gerion Lannister 241

Congratulations to you for the performance and to @Zaramis for a genious deckbuilding. This is really a piece of beauty. :)