Red and Green for Saturday (4-2 at Red Saturday)

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Leading up to Red Saturday, I decided I was going to break from my tradition of always going Bara main or Banner Stag and go a little different. I knew I wanted a deck that would not be decimated by the release of Valar Dohaeris. I wanted a deck that could still control a board or take decisions away from my opponents. I wanted more time to test...but since I didn't have that this was one of my 3 mad scientist creations and the one that felt the best to me with the matchups I felt I was most likely to get.

So what does the deck do? Marge screws up your opponent's defense plans and attack plans, that's what. You can flood the board with small characters reliably, use Valar D to keep the boards smaller against you, and kneel their board down as first player pretty reliably when the pieces come out. Occasionally Why 2 losses then. I ran into a deck that was minicurve rush in round 2 that outpaced me and saw the matchup I knew would be a disaster (Lanni Rains with First Snow and Ashemark) in round 3. So it goes.

Tournament Recap: Round 1: Win vs Junior Tidal NW/Summer (not builders)

Best Described as an ugly match with some good and bad play both ways. We went to 9 plots, I think, so it was a grind. I picked up pretty quick it was a deck built to steal stuff from the discard, but there is not much you can do to keep stuff out of the discard either. I was hit by mutiny, marched, Queenscrown, Varys...yeah. That said, between getting draw from his Late Summer Feast and Time of Plenty and my own Time of Plenty and Coppers I had enough characters to always play a few more, FB in another one and keep the wall down most of the game along with keeping his board empty too. I had held back my HJ's all game so when he flipped Annals and tried to steal my unit he hit with Queen's Crown I had enough to counter both Watch Has Need's and to run him out of resources for the turn. By the time he got Night Gathers it was too late and I could close out.

Round 2: Loss vs Nick Enochs. Tyrell/ Crossing.
This game may have been different if we were able to go further, but it went to time...after only 6 plots. There was a lot of challenge math and Nick was very deliberate with his choices. He ran a Knights deck that used a lot of small cost characters attacking alone and getting booosts off the Jousting Pavillions. While I was first, I was able to keep him slowed down. On his 2 Tourney for the King turns, he pulled out to a huge lead that we did not play long enough for me to claw back from. Highgarden Courtiers were really powerful in that setup and I had to harpoon them with Marge just to keep his other knights from getting 2-3 attacks a turn. Nick went on to go 5-1 on the day so he played well and made a good meta call with his build.

Round 3: Loss vs Tom MacKenzie Lanni/Rains I was rooming with Tom, so our earlier talks had pretty much told me I didn't want this matchup. I mulliganed into nothing over 3 gold. I flip Spikes first turn and hit Jaime. Sweet. He attacks and I try to Drac Tyrion...he has HJ, I don't have enough to defend so he is able to trigger Rains and Riddles my own spikes to hit the Drogo I redrew into...fuck. He plays First Snow second turn. Third turn he drops a 3 bestowed Ashemark, I had no board and no chance. Bad matchup, probably badly played by me too. Felt pretty sure my streak of 4-2 finishes at tournaments was coming to an end at that point.

Round 4: Win vs Dan Strouhal. NW/Rains

Essentially he was running a Super Steward deck, which was one I had practiced against. Big Jon is annoying for Marge as he can stand up the defenders if you screw up and don't win the challenge. That said, he didn't get him until too late and he didn't stick on the board long as he had a Qhorin out with 3-4 power on him when Jon hit the board so I knew Jon would be gone when I flipped Dohaeris. The next turn I was able to Astapor/Drac Qhorin away during a power challenge I dragged him into due to Beseiged. The only negative in this match was not seeing the Rattleshirt's Raiders or Viscerys Targaryen to deal with Cravens on Marge and Drogo. Knights of the Reach did heavy work along with Second Sons/FB instead to keep gaining power.

Round 5: Win vs Kikko Arceo Martell/Stag Cancer Lancer

I really didn't like this matchup in theory as Renown is light in this deck and I didn't have any 2 claim plots to push the tempo either. When he started with both table and chair out, I admit I was concerned. I managed to get out a Knight of the Reach, a Elenia Tyrell, a dragon, and Drogo right away, so he used Valar second turn to slow me down. The next few turns were about keeping the power level even and building a board state now that the reset was gone. After I Spiked his Last of the Giants he tried to Marshal Varys to clear me. Marge pulled him into a Drac and I matched his HJ with one of my own (I also had NM in hand as a backup plan) ending his hope of keeping my board small. Eventually I got Marge, another Knight of the Reach, KoF, and Garlan. the extra 3 power a turn I could draw in addition to UO opened up by Marge let me close it out before he got enough econ or the cards to Orphan/Lancer it all away.

Round 6, Win vs. Brad Eier Lanni/Crossing

Crown on Tyrion turn 2, Plaza, 4 gold Astapor, Dragons, Dracs...I finally drew everything the deck wanted at once and was off to the races. Brad, meanwhile, didn't draw bad, but missed on INBAMF, I had HJ for a few critical events, NM for Big Cersei the one turn he went first and Marge for every turn after and after he took and early lead I took late control of the game. He peaked at 8 power on turn 2 and after that I was able to cruise to the close.

4-2, but worst SoS on the day, so I got to go hang out at the bar for me. Hitting on 3 tickets in the raffle and walking out with awesome swag didn't hurt either. Thank you to all of my opponents for fun and interesting games. Thank you to Tom and Sean for putting up with my drunk ass wandering in at 2am or later each night after you were asleep. Thank you to Sandy, Jesse, Nate, the Thompson's, Brad, Glazer, and the Kim brothers for getting trashed and singing with me 2 nights in a row at Nemos. Thank you to Roy for running a great event. Thank you to this community for being so fucking awesome.

Todd Moyer ~Euphius

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