Exodia Brienne - 1st @ Goblin Store Championship, Bologna

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Exodia Brienne - The Partridge in a Pear Tree 3 3 4 1.0

Fenderico 261

Thanks God for the enlightenment about the Brienne Combo, Thanks men for the advices that improved the initial idea: first of all I want to thank Baralai, the first and best developer of the Wonder Woman combo, who inspired me with his strategic genius. Great thanks also to Anda, runner-up in this tournament with a mono-Tyrell version of this deck; we tested together and he gave me a lot of support. Thanks to Oxymoronica, who gave me the Knight of flowers tech. Thanks to Natalo, who gave us precious advices and support on testing, and Nimer for the supervision and the Olenna's Machinations insight. I couldn't develop a deck so strong without your help :)


Before The Annals of Castle Black turn, the priority is to draw in every single way, so in the setup phase we'll search for Taena Merryweather/Oldtown Informer/Pleasure Barge. Setup Taena only if you can protect her, otherwise we also can take a 0 cards setup if we have Oldotwn in hand. The third way is to setup 1-2 characters in view of protect Taena/Oldtown later.

Turn 1: if you setup Taena, go with Wheels Within Wheels and take one drawing event (priority to "The Dornishman's Wife", then The Dragon's Tail and "The Bear and the Maiden Fair" ). If you have Oldtown in hand, go with Time of Plenty. Possibly go second. If you have "The Dornishman's Wife" in hand, let your opponent make a power, then play it and ambush something (possibly Oldtown with bestow 2/3).

Turn 2: Wheels or Plenty (it depends on what you played the first turn). Play Annals if your draw deck is about 30 cards left and you have enough drawing events in the discard pile. With Taena on board it’s all easier! The best way to start Annals is when we already have KoF in hand and (possibly) a Kingsroad on board. If you don’t play Annals this round, try to draw as much as you can.

Turn 3: Annals. marshal The Knight of Flowers (HoT) (take 1-2 golds on your gold pool to prevent a possible Nightmare), play drawing events to increase his strenght, then sacrifice him with To the Rose Banner!. Play "The Last of the Giants" and put Mag the Mighty in play (if you can, play this event before sacrificing The Knight of Flowers (HoT)). Then, with your 15+ golds marshal Brienne, Knighted, Silver Net and possibly The hand’s solar. Go to the challenges phase, win every challenge with Brienne and play Lady Sansa's Rose; to reach 15 powers you can play also Superior Claim and Olenna's Machinations. Note: if you go first, marshal one Rattleshirt's Raiders and take the other in hand, to put if necessary with the second "The Last of the Giants". If Brienne take a Milk of the Poppy/Craven/Strangler, win the military with Rattleshirt's Raiders (play one "Lord Renly's Ride" on him if necessary) and then play 3 challenges (we can play 2 power challenges) with Brienne.

If you have something to ask, write a comment :) Probably soon we’ll publish a deck analysis video on the Youtube Channel “Il Conclave Trono di Spade LCG”.


Game 1: Loss vs Lannister Castamere. It was a deck perfectly set against Brienne Combo, with Your King Commands It and Weapons at the Door. He played these plots when I played Annals, and I could do nothing. Anyway, the first plot can be contrasted including Queen of the Seven Kingdoms in the deck; we can also win if the opponent play Weapons at the Door: Anda did it in the semi-final (you can read his report on his decklist).

Game 2: Win vs Targaryen Kraken

Game 3: Win vs Targaryen Crossing

Game 4: Win vs Tyrell Castamere

Game 5: Win vs Night’s Watch Castamere (who ran Fortified Position and Your King Commands It )

Game 6: Win vs Targaryen Crossing

Top 8: Win vs Targaryen Castamere

Top 4: Win vs Stark Castamere

Final: Win against Tyrell Summer, the other Brienne Combo. You can find the match very soon on Youtube on the channel “Il Conclave Trono di Spade LCG”.


Necrogoat 14

What a boring and absolute NPE Bullshit

SpiriT 166

You might dislike it, but this is pure deck-building genius to come up with something so robust.

Fenderico 261

Link to the Mono-Tyrell version: thronesdb.com

baralai 285

You make me so proud.

Fenderico 261

@baralai you too :) @SpiriT Thank you!

weaseleye 1

Yes it's pure genius the way Annals was exploited AGAIN to make casual playing on theironthrone untenable... AGAIN... only this time using another faction.

Did I mention how genius and unique this deck is, to make one character super strong to win all challenges. It's really unique. And oh so fun to see... for the first time... AGAIN.

Fenderico 261

@weaseleye and @Necrogoat, may God be with you

Necrogoat 14

Wow, so genius... i bow to you... That's exactly the way to destroy this game, but nevermind, have fun

Anda 45

Yep, this was the way to destroy the game. Yep, we had fun.

mqsi 74

First of all, thx for posting. I know that many people would prefer that those decks would stay in hiding but I think knowledge is key against those decks ;)

Further I have some questions regarding card choices to get a better understanding of the deck:

I get that you are maybe seeing 50 cards of your deck, but nevertheless some choices seem super risky:

1) Your only realistic way to get to 15 STR is "Lord Renly's Ride" with Mag the Mighty being on top of your deadpile. What's your experience on that?

2) Only two Brienne of Tarth (HoT). Could you please comment on that?


3) Why no The Honeywine? Seems like a natural inclusion for those decks.

Atanas Keranov 291

@Fenderico sorry mate, but let's get one thing straight here. I and my wife came up with the name of the original "Wonder Woman" combo deck. It happened so later on that everyone started using it.

You saying "Baralai, the first and best developer of the Wonder Woman combo" doesn't make sense.

When @baralai became 12th in the ITA nationals on Sep 21, 2017, he called his deck "Can Cersei?". The fact that I published the deck on Aug 8, 2017 after I became second in the 1st Discord Tourney and that everyone calls it "Wonder Woman" says it all I guess. Yes, you guys might say you have been working on it before the nationals. I've also been playtesting this deck long before the Discord Tourney and long before Wheels Within Wheels was even released. So please, stop trying to get credit for something someone else tested, named, played in an official tournament, and published online almost 2 months earlier than you did.

Anda 45

@mqsiwe see ALL the cards n the deck. The 10 left are usually put on bottom with "The Bear and the Maiden Fair" so a good player even knows the order.

1) I Activated Mag the Mighty every single game. and i had 8 yesterday. Anyway it's no difficulty to kill a 3 str ambush the turn before and have the +9 that makes you reach the target.

2) You have to see The Knight of Flowers (HoT) before, you can search for Brienne of Tarth (HoT) after.

3) Honestly we think 22 powers are enough, we could build the deck to reach 26. What's the point? As a bonus i can tell from my CerseiDeck experience that not relying on locations is a great achievement.

You can go on my report for more details about deck choices thronesdb.com

@Atanas (Nasi) Keranovagree with you. I use different names because i think we talk about different decks. Yet the first to publish a Cersei combo were you.

Atanas Keranov 291

@Anda Agreed! :) About the Brienne combo and this deck, I do not know who came up with it, but I can only commend him for it. I agree with most people who say it is NPE, but I love deckbuilding and I am all for exploring every possibility the cards offer.

epitsin 1

So happy that you could achieve such an amazing enlightenment! Don't listen to haters, they don't understand your free spirit! The universe supports your creative ideas and prays for your strategic genius friends! Namaste to you with a sprinkle of kundalini :)

baralai 285

@Atanas (Nasi) Keranovi agree too! As I said me and Nicolò merusi came up with the idea in June, but didn't published anything until our national runs. We ended up in two totally different versions of the deck, which are similar only for concept. You published first, with a fking cool name! :D

Fenderico 261

@Atanas (Nasi) Keranov I used the name "Wonder Woman" to refer to Baralai's deck because Wonder Woman is the "official" name of this type of deck (congratulations for the name, is pretty cool!). I said @baralaiwas the first developer because his idea came up in June and you published the list only in August. Nobody knows who has the first insight, but surely baralai, if not the first, was among the first to develop that deck. Last, I said he was the best developer because I think his version is better than yours, simply because you don't need Varys to win (without listing other choices ). Anyway, I appreciate your insights, and with this reply I only tried to put clearness on my words. Good luck with all your works and thanks for the contribute ;)

Fenderico 261

@epitsin thanks a lot for your words so kind :) I am very grateful for the insight I had and for the friends who supported me in the deck building. This is a great achievement for me mostly because it's very gratifying to inspire people, whatever is the area if interest. I appreciated so much your comment, wish you the best every day. Namaste to you too ;)

gramyotron 13

What is going to happen if you get two of the following :Craven/Milk/Strangler on Brienne if you go second on your Annals round?

Fenderico 261

@gramyotron two attachments are not a problem because we can count on two Rattleshirt's Raiders: military with them and then 3 challenges (2 pow 1 int) with Brienne. Taking 3 attachments is very unrealistic because we can control the opponent draw with "The Bear and the Maiden Fair". Anyway, there are ways to win without playing only with Brienne, like playing knighted on another char and marshal Kof: in this way we can still count on 3 knights to activate lady sansa's rose, helped by 3 intimidate, 1 stealth and 4 challenges. Going first is not a problem :)

imabunneh 360

Complaining at players for using the available cards to win is fucking moronic.

Kobal 1

@Fenderico There are two points in your description I did not understand completely, please enlighten me as well. :)

1) You mention to play The Annals of Castle Black on Turn 2, especially in Taena Merryweather is in play. But how do you circumvent the problem that all the events you discard this turn get removed from game?

2) How do you get to the full 15 power? If you do 4 Challenges with Brienne of Tarth (HoT), win them all and play Lady Sansa's Rose on three of them that is only 13 power. Even with Superior Claim that is cutting it very close in case you have to do the military challenge with Rattleshirt's Raiders. So you'd need some of them to go uncontested, or which other sources of power gain am I missing?

Anda 45

@gramyotronHow am i supposed to get attachment on Brienne if i go second? They get somehow attached to her in hand? :)

@Kobal 1) half of you cards are non event, and most of them can be discarded without any problems. You do not even need all the events. And anyway you do not have to use Taena if you do not want to. 2) 4 challenges are 9 from Lady Sansa's Rose, 4 from Brienne, 2 from Superior Claim. We already reached 15. We have to add 2 power claim, any dornishman wife and any UO challenge (Stealth+Intimidate on 4 challenges always bring some UOs if needed)

charlie 9

Burned mens and gold cloaks are only here to reach 12 lanni cards ? Or do they have any other purpose ?

GreatGopher 7

This is art in cardboard form. Congrats!

Ignithas 1

Congrats to the win. Which of the two lists do you think is better suited for the current metagame?

Ignithas 1

Congrats for the win. Which of the two lists do you think is better suited for the current metagame?

Fenderico 261

@Deilan Every card is in the deck for a reason. These ambushes serve to trigger Oldtown Informer and to protect Taena. Since we draw also during the challenges phase, it's convenient to have some ambush to play.

@GreatGopher Thank you very much, it's very gratifying to receive such compliment :)

Noogus 41

I think those decks really damage the community and the overall game. It its defenetly a NPE and if those decks keep coming up and get used it will reduce the community even more...

I feel really sad, that the game turns into this direction more and more... :(

Fenderico 261

@Ignithas Thank you. Yours is the one million dollar question :D Me and @Andaare discussing about that since the born of the mono-green version. Personally I think at the moment the Lion version is more stable because characters can slow the rush opponents and Taena guarantee to draw all the deck. But this is also its weakness: characters are fragile, Taena can die in several ways and without her we cannot use treachery. On the other hand, the mono green version has its ways to replace treachery and suffer less the discard. Maybe the effectiveness of each version depends on the player's style, or maybe the future will give us the right answer :)