Hothouse Flowers: Sing your way to victory in 3 (or about 90

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Redal59 67

So I've had a love and hate relationship with all these combo decks that have infiltrated the meta since Hyper Viper arrived some months ago.

On the one hand as a shagga player at heart I love the fact that these sorts of decks are possible. There is to me nothing better than winning a game in the most outrageous way possible. And the fact that a previously derided card like core set Vyper was unlocked in such a way was fantastic.

On the other, having faced a few of them over that time there are few experiences in the game more soul destroying than sitting across from one as the inexorably put together there pieces and there is nothing you can do to stop it, because you either aren't packing and drawing the required silver bullets or you can't generate power quickly enough to rush it out before the Annals turn.

So A good meta mate of mine here in Sydney, Michael who has been my shagga brother in arms since we started in 1st edition. (Never forget Jojen's Merry adventures, The Rhaegar death cycle, Eldon Millmont or many others).

So while we don't claim this creation to be game breaking or particularly efficient in anyway I don't know if there is a great example of the solitaire deck style of combo play than this.

We had some idea about taking this to store champs season but for different reasons have put it to bed. The last few weeks here in Sydney have shown how most players don't enjoy games against combo and to be honest that takes away a fair bit of the enjoyment of playing as opposed to beating your opponent fair and square in an interactive closely fought game.

The extra cards from Alliance do obviously make it a little more inconsistent but should you get the pieces together few things are more glorious.

Truly Knight of Flowers from the Tyrell box is the best econ engine in such a deck the game has ever seen.

Just in case your wondering the combo is this. You get your Orphans out bestowed up to the eyeballs thanks to Unbridled. On the Annals turn you Giants Mag into play in the draw phase. Then in marshalling you pop out Flowers spam events including a Ride or two and boost his Str to unheard of levels. To the Rose Banner nets you anywhere from 20-60 gold.

Then you slap down any of the Tully characters while spamming those Minstrels down to grab 15 power in marshalling. Cards like Passing the Black gate, Oathkeeper offer some redundancy in terms of search effects and econ on the necessary turn.


IonGrey 1

I must say that I am stunned speechless by the creativity of this deck. kudos for coming up with such an amazing idea!

that being said, like most combo decks, i hope I never see this deck, either in playtesting or in competition

SonOfBattles1 239

Lord Mag's Ride!

SonOfBattles1 239

Riverrun might help with the Tully Spam though

Kobal 1

@SonOfBattles1 If Riverrun would not have to be knelt to generate that power it would be broken in this deck. As is, it can not generate more than 1 power per turn, so it seems a bit underwhelming.

Redal59 67

Riverrun has been in there in the past and you could easily put it back in in which case it is just like a 1 cost copy of MInstrel. There is quite a bit of room to tinker round the edges of the deck for personal preference without hitting the fundamentals of the combo too much.
Hoster and Crown for example are in there in case you suspect Your King Commands it. Obviously there isn't much you can do about Fortified so you just need to try and anticipate and delay the combo. You can try it with 2x Annals but my experience has been that the size of the deck requires more digging. So you are really looking at a turn 4 Annals most times.

bezhou 74

hi al, pretty creative deck. im john from double kill :)

badbones777 1

How does To the Rose Banner work with Mag here? I can't see how you are making him a Tyrell Character?

Redal59 67

`@badbones777, he doesn't need to be he is simply there to die to Last of the Giants, so that come the marshalling phase he's at the top of your dead pile for Renly's Ride on Knight of Flowers, to boost his str and therefore gold value with To the Rose Banner to astronomical levels. This allows you to afford the whole combo easily.

Matamagos 119

Great deck! A pitty that we need the tyrell's for the economy and so we have to deal with a fat alliance deck.