Burning for Khal Prono - Top 16 (5-1) @Winter Festival

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Pre-Astapor burn - 9:1 in tests (so far). 1st place, Bielsko 11 6 5 1.0
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Burning again for Khal Prono - Top 4 SC Genova 1 1 0 1.0

Lawyer 327

Deck played for the first edition of Winter Festival in Torino. 76 players with 6 round of swiss and Top 16

" Drogon! Dracarys!!! ”

  • Daenerys Targaryen to Drogon

This deck was made for the 2017 italian national championship, but i did not played it, choossing Tyrell Crossing just two days before the tournament.

But now, the time is right, only doing little updates with new releases and meta choices ( Fortified Position , Weapons at the Door to face off the Brienne combo and help me in others matchup like NW and Starks ) to play it with tons of fun.

of course Fortified Position is also good in my favour guaranteeing me a free round of Second Sons or withening the opponent's no attacchment kw to use Crown of Gold.

1) Rains of Castemere (w)

2) Lord of the Crossing (w)

3) Rains od Castemere (w)

4) Rains of Castemere (L)

5) banner of the Wolf (w)

6) Lord of the Crossing (w)

Top 16: banner of the Wolf (L)

Thanks to "Doctor" Stucchi for the high skill test, and to "Khal Prono" for the last tips and advice on the deck. I'm so proud of having carried high the banner of your beloved House Targaryen!


dagodav 117

great deck ;)

zack 3

Thanks for sharing and congrats for your top! What's your opening plot here? I'm surprised of not seeing the classic time of plenty and counting is not always your best call, no?

Lawyer 327

@zackthank you! on Time of Plenty is of course a good choice, but you need to play Astapor ASAP still having gold available to play some good char then the opening plot is almost always Trading with the Pentoshi. Counting Coppers is the second opening bullet ( one or two char with two golds can be played without problems here ) if you need to see burning stuff ;)