Fire & Strong TOP 4 at Siege of Pyke

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Raius 252

This is the deck i played at the last tournament of Czech season in Jihlava. It had 34 players and it was pretty awesome field of players from Czech, Austria, Hungary and Poland.

The deck itself was performing very well and despite my mistakes was able to drive me through the Swiss to the TOP 4.

Since the last CP i was so much excited about Oathkeeper, that i had to build the deck around. At the end i decided to play Targs as a main house. For the whole time of the 2nd edition I am sorry how much are Targaryens dependent on Dragons if you want to play Dracarys!, but thanks to the Oathkeeper, you can reduce the count of the Dragons and find them with Oathkeeper if you need some. For the same reason you can play only 1 Second Sons etc. Also you will shuffle your deck if someone plays Dohaeris or if you need card you have used with flea bottom.

I filled the rest of the Tyrell cards with obvious Margaery Tyrell (HoT) and Maester Ballabar who is basically the TOP5 card of HOT box for me. This is crazy how versatile he is. Knight of Summer is probably the card i would love to have in more copies, but was not sure what to sacrifice, so only 1 at the end. Emissary of the Hightower if simply awesome here. You can use another Dracarys! or any other event. The Iron Bank Will Have Its Due in Marshaling as attachment hate etc.

Two Close Call bcs i have few unique cards in 3 copies and you don't have to care to drop Khal or Danny without dupe or other save. And most importantly it draw 1 card in most cases.

I would definitively remove Astapor for 3rd copy of Plaza of Pride.

Round 1 Loss vs. Sam Nowrouzi Lannister – The Lord of the Crossing

I've refused 6 card setup (slept just a few hours and still had a bit hangover, too afraid of First snow, but was mistake) and lost pretty fast.

Round 2 Win vs. Purchy Martell – Fealty

This game was pretty straight forward. I won after i had burned The Bastard of Godsgrace with dupe turn 1, then it was just waiting for the end.

Round 3 Win vs. Lott Baratheon – Fealty

Really close game till the last round, but i would win next turn really quickly, but there was very much counting and Lott needed to win Domi so the last round took about 20mins. We both did few mistakes in this one

Round 4Win vs. Vrbi Stark – Kings of Winter

Another close win.

Round 5 Win vs. Reinhard Schefcik Targaryen – "The Rains of Castamere"

Reinhard beats me every time we play, but this time i won on time (Reinhard reminded me to play fast, bcs we had just 3 mins till the end of the round, so i played fast and bcs of his kind advice was able to have more power in the next round). As an example as bad i was in this game... i had 3 Dracarys in hand, but no Dragon. I won several challenges by 5 with Oathkeeper attached, but never found a Dragon? (Don't drink before tournaments, idiot?!)

Quarterfinals Win vs. Tamás Albeck Night's Watch – Fealty

Maybe only game i played at least a little bit well. Surprise iron bank to burn Aemon. I've used The Iron Bank Will Have Its Due vith Viserys several time to get rid of Cravens and Milks. After my Valar Tamas countered with his Dohaeris and saved all of his characters. After that i had the edge and won in 6th plot.

Semifinals Loss vs. Jenda D. Targaryen – The Lord of the Crossing

Jenda won on Valar turn where he was on 13 and hit 50:50 with Heads on Spikes. If i would have survived that turn, i believe it would be pretty close then.

In the fight for the 3rd place Reinhard beaten me again and that was it :) Pretty deserved loss for me.

If you have any more questions about the deck, don't hesitate to ask.

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