Hod Iron Throne (efficient deck)

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Benji 758

I playtested this deck this week-end. He was surprinsigly very effective. Baratheon is straigthforward to deckbuild and thus I will only explain flexible choices :

Confiscation : Frozen Solid was present on ThronesDb and really locks the deck since his efficiency rely on winning dominance. I previously used Varys' Riddle but in this metagame its very inefficient and I cannot really focus opponent's Counting Coppers.

Close Call : Resurrecting an important character can be useful, having draw is useful, having good eco is very good in Baratheon. Rarely play it, but very helpful vs Valar Morghulis and thus cannot leave the deck.

Trade Routes : Without Northern Encampment, you will need a second economic plot.

Flea Bottom Bastard : Last card to enter. The deck lacks intrigue icon to oppose this challenge and ways to win a mirror match. It perfectly lifts the two problems, along with obtaining more 2-gold characters for setup.

Selyse Baratheon : Considerable in x2, but expensive.

Moon Boy : Could be absolutely unuseful, but has the most important icon and can provide draw.

Other cards seems evident to me with some game experiences.


Lottrando 1

How can you play this deck with just one copy of The Iron Throne? A lot of your cards depend on winning the domination and The Iron Throne is essential for it.

Palpa 1

@Lottrando: its brought in by the Agenda

Lohn 25

Why not the other Mel? Do you think you can have only one 7-cost cause of valar d?

Benji 758

The IT is brought in play with the agenda and up to now, nobody remove it. The only way is the GJ event at 0-gold + pillage, which is not a concern right now on ThronesDb (and most likely overall).

7-gold is too expensive to be paid and they are not necessary to win. Moreover, this deck more than often play Valar Dohaeris at T3/T4 and you cannot play a 7-gold cost character before because your main goal is to have icons to oppose challenge, thus several cheap cost characters. The 7-gold character comes in play after Valar Dohaeris to close the game.

If I play Melisandre 7, then I remove Robert and I will reflex on what I do with the Rhllor module. And I think Robert is simply too strong.

Melisandre CS is not impressive in the current metagame but affordable and can stay with Gendry + 1-gold pins on Valar Dohaeris.

Neither version of Melisandre is great. But the CS one fits better.

Lottrando 1

@PalpaGood point :) I didn't notice since I don't have the last expansion yet.

SonOfBattles1 259

I like it. I have a similar power centric list for HwtRD Red Keep for the sake of draw. This is more efficient.

Benji 758

This is two different decks, imho. I do not play this version anymore. I removed Trade Routes for a second Close Call (first choice) or Counting Coppers (second choice). I have Armory x3 and removed The Red Keep (too hard at competitive level to trigger).

The Red Keep needs a special build to run in the current metagame.

uBaH 89

Where are the Queen's Men? Hand information for baratheon is Key. You don't need to remove anything.

Kingnothing 1


I played a little with your deck and I like it. Maybe Dual instead of Trade Routes against big guy decks could be an option? Dind't test it till today but just thinking about that.

Kings blood or Motley could also fit into the deck to slow your oppponent down... Just my thoughts..

But all in all the agenda is very nice for Bara :-)