Champion of South Chinese National

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adam_geek 422

Undefeated in the tournament. 5-0 in Swiss round and 3-0 elimination.


Baronerosso 155

well done adam! have you some trouble with 32 chars , without valar ?

adam_geek 422

@BaronerossoValar will be a problem to me when against Martell. As long as I have mace&hightower, I dont need reset to win the game

mqsi 68

Hi adam, thanks for sharing your deck and concrats for the win! what is the idea behind oathkeeper? is it simply for the strength or do you actually fetch littlefinger or varys sometimes?

adam_geek 422

@mqsi Seaching varys or little finger is very useful. Since this deck does not include Counting Coppers, every drawing method is important. Besides, putting attachment on high cost character is also the way to counter Valar Morghulis, because in this manner you will have more "cost" on the play

The_Red_Widow 1

Did you mean Valar Dohaeris?