11? Pipers Piping - 12 days of Jank

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Sand Lizard 108

Now that we're settled let me tell you a story, of a lovely piper named Margaery Tyrell, and a little town called Flea Bottom. The residents of Fleabottom were living a peachy life, a Time of Plenty some might say. Sadly this could not last, and they found themselves Fallen from Favor (it's got a rat on it, get it?) and their town soon became infested with a plague of rats. What could they do but put out the Summons for a Piper to come and rid their town of the awful curse. She arrived swiftly, racing through the kings road and did her job, but when the time came for her payment it seemed like the town was Counting Coppers and refused to do more than provide an Offer of a Peach as payment. The Piper was not going to accept the towns Broken Vows and sworn Retaliation. And so she played her song again, and soon every child from the town followed her into the White Shadows. What happened next remains a mystery to this very day, but the story has been recorded in The Annals of Castle Black for all to see.

When I was offered the chance to come up with a deck for the 12 days (thank you secret santa!) I got incredibly excited. Then I was told to focus on theme and fun over playability and got even more excited. 11 Pipers Piping felt like a tall order until George Anker's reminded me of the tale of the Pied Piper. He also nominated Argie Margie as a wonderful Piper due to her ability to make anyone follow her into battle. The plots were chosen purely to represent the telling of the story which was probably the most fun I had building.

Other notes -This deck has no win con, but if you have Margaery out and an insane number of characters next to her then you're doing it right. -The original draft of this deck was simply Marg, Hot pie (because Pie sounds like Pipe) and The Rat Cook, so you could say it's developed at least -For some reason last minute I decided Margaery needed to do as many challenges as possible in this deck, hence the addition of Queen of the Seven Kingdoms. -Garth is a steward, so that's nice -The number 11 eluded me, so in honour of Richard Walker I added 11 limiteds.

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