The Rock Starring Cage and Connery (Lannister, Red Door)

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Though my greatest success thus far in competitive Thrones has been behind a Lannister, Rains deck, I don't really like the faction terribly much. They have a number of interesting themes (pillage control, returning opponent's characters to hand, Clansmen murder, so forth), but all of them have paled in comparison to just playing good stuff from the core and first cycle.

No longer. The House With the Red Door allows us to open the Rock, the Casterly Rock, and suddenly the hand-stripping mechanics are a lot more consistent. I'm not playing them, but now Golden Tooth, Red Keep Spy, Lannisport and Insidious Scheme are on the table.

In this deck I prefer Fever Dreams for draw as it's more reliable and repeatable, especially with Paid Off, which is a lot better, too, with the Rock down forcing your opponent to cough up more gold to keep their best characters up.

This deck even has solid board control options. There is, of course, the aforementioned Paid Off to keep problem characters down, but you can deal with them more permanently bounces fools into claim with the Tower of the Hand. Of course, Varys is a no brainer when you're aiming to empty your opponent's hand, and The Queen's Assassin can limit the follow up.

Game, set, match.

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