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Aegir 28

I wanted to try a deck with Dorea, so I did what I could to boost the Sand Snake numbers. Letting a Bastard Daughter die early means Faceless Man can be a Sand Snake, boost the numbers, and trigger Dorea. Fallen From Favor and Valar Dohaeris are ways to get her out of play, you could sub in First Snow, but that would work against you with Obara and Elia.

Attack with Tyene either alone or boosted for Rains, they defend, Ambush Dorea and tear out a defender to win, react with Tyene. Thats two characters in trouble for them, and is very easy and cheap to trigger.


JaqenHghar 41

What about the anti synergy between your agenda and 6 of your events?

Aegir 28

Actually I only chose Rains because I couldn't think of another agenda to use. Fealty is a possibility, but gold isn't really a problem, I figured the threat of rains adds a little bit of tension to those rounds you didn't play either events, since those will likely be later game events anyway.