Annals of Castle Drac - 1st @ Bromley SC & 2nd @ Brighton SC

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[Note - this deck was built for, and played in, the Archmaester's Key meta. I took it to 1st at Warboar in Bromley (26p) and 2nd at Dice Saloon in Brighton (9p)

An updated version was taken by Rebecca Gillard to the 22p Bristol SC where she placed 2nd, losing to Banterbridge in the final (but seriously, it was a really good Banterbridge. Like, it was built and played by an absolute master of the game, so it must have been good. Stop looking at me like that. Ok, ok, I'll post that list next)

Rebecca's changes were -1 ADINS, -1 Fire and Blood and -1 TIBWHID for +3 CONSVMING FLAAAAMES. I would also make room for 2x Stormcrows, probably with -1 Begging Brother and -1 Targaryen Loyalist.]

The Gameplan

Draw lots of cards, play Blood of the Dragon and follow it with Annals; enjoy how sad your opponent looks when they are too scared to move for two turns in a row.

The Combo Matchup

If you are worried about combo, try this deck. I took combo myself to the Northampton SC a couple of weeks prior. So of course, it was only deserved that my first matchup at Warboar in Bromley was a Brienne combo. What I wasn't expecting, was to then have to face another combo deck (Ritual of Rh'lol) in round 2. Luckily I'm well teched for it, and opening Annals in both games pretty much did the trick. Fortified was value too. Easy.

Words are Wind

Stop saying it's bad. Well, maybe it is, but it let me draw loads of cards so it's fine in my books.

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Reader 124

"built and played by an absolute master of the game"

thats it right there