Antibanterbridge - winner Bristol SC (22p)

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JoePerson 493

Banterbridge isn't a stupid deck any more. Arguably it never was, but with the arrival of HrD it is now incredibly consistent and resilient. Having 25-30g of characters on the board and six cards in hand is pretty much the norm. It was certainly more than once that my opponents muttered the words “there's nothing I can do”. It's like a builder lock but it's fine because it's Banterbridge, and that's funny, right?


That moment when your opponent doesn't want to make a challenge to feed your renown, but can't pass because you'll win on passive power #banter

That moment when you get six power in a turn before anyone's declared a challenge #banter

That moment when your opponent is looking smug at their reset, only to find you have four more beat-sticks on the table a minute later #banter

That moment when you play a game against Targ Door Punishment without winning a single challenge offensively or defensively... and win #banter

That moment when you get a free HFK to discard Arianne, then blink it with Mace to clear a Spearmaiden #banter

Ok, the last one was quite entertaining...


tgeyr 1

Hey congrats on the win !

Have you faced a lot of Valar Dohaeris in the tournament or while testing ?

If so, how do you recover from a big Dohaeris turn from the opp when you have like more than 2 or 3 seven/six costers on the board ?

Imo the deck has enough gas to always have a full hand and rebuild the board on the spot but wanted to know your experiences with it. Which characters you always keep on this turn, do you go full 3*dupes or just play one and keep the other in hand ?

Setup seems a pain too no ? It look like it relies a lot on seeing the 2 costs locations. Did you find yourself with no setup at all or like one chud ?

Thanks for posting the list and congratulations on the win again !

chriswhite 1

I can't argue with the results, but this is a weird deck!

It's hard to believe that a couple Bodyguards or an Eyrie wouldn't improve consistency––after all, if you don't draw a dupe for Mace, it seems like a single Valar or PTTS could really mess things up.

Also, I don't understand some of the choices here––Why Paxter if you have no events? Why x3 Redwyne Straights instead of a 2/1 split with The Arbor? Why so many Littlefinger? (almost seems like this deck has an excess of draw!) Why x2 Highgarden in particular, as opposed to other locations (Mander, Honeywine, Renly's Pavilion, etc). Is the decision to not include any small efficient characters (Highgarden Courtier, Garden Caretaker) solely because you don't want interference for your HFK?

Also–perhaps there's no Stark in your meta, but–I feel like a single Frozen Solid would really ruin your day.

tonythetiger891 40

I can say Paxter is fodder for Tinder Marg. And yes. Frozen Solid is a pain.

Palpa 1

I play a similar deck (as far as every Bitter/HoD Deck is similar to this) with quite good sucess, but I agree to chriswhite: bodyguards helped me a lot! I also run Confiscation in addition to the raiders to get rid of frozen solids and Milks an Mace. I think this could help this deck, too. Yet, I droped the Eyrie I had in an earlier version of the deck: too expensive with not enough bennefit (dupes and bodyguards commonly are enough to protect Mace)

Reader 124

Great deck building again Joel.

Another SC for Joel, another SC for Reading... 4 in a row right? This was number 3.

donovan 62

Congrats on a great result! Have you considered playing the Iron Throne? More passive power gain and it makes sure you can keep all your cards in hand.