Tyrell Rains Store Championship Winner Jenkintown PA

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hattrickflyer 379

Noticed there's no entry for current store championships, this deck won one.

Our local meta has dwindled to 7-8 players but thankfully a bunch of guys traveled in from Jersey so we were able to do 4 rounds, top 4. My plan was to run a deck that could effectively use Duel and Valar Dohaeris while still benefitting from all the good things Tyrell had going. Main weakness was the amount of power that went on the characters in play, but knowing our local environment (and not expecting so many traveling players) I figured Valar Morghulis wasn't likely to see that much play and I could risk it.

Round 1 vs Kikko, Martell Fealty

After mulligan I set up The Arbor and a duped Jon Fossoway. Not to bad. He gets a 5 card setup and Marches, which I kind of figured would happen. I play a duped Garlan and a Green-Apple Knight. He drops a Venomous Blade to kill the knight, then Marches again the next term. I scoop and contemplate quitting the game for good.

Round 2 vs Xavier, Greyjoy Rains

Xavier and I played in the finals of the last kit tournament, so I knew he was quality. He was running Greyjoy Rains with a bit of a dominance package. I was able to set things up so I could keep him from ever resolving Rains, and got a Duel off to kill his Victarion. I held to win dominance to keep Victarion off the board and was able to push over in power before he could really get going.

Round 3 vs Julio, Martell Fealty

Ugh, again with the deck that makes me hate my life. This time he was able to drop two Attainted and play Nymeria to shut down a lot of my Intrigue, making the game very difficult to play. However, i was able to push through with the other challenges and after getting near the end of our plot deck, I went and crossed to 15 with help from Lady Sansa's Rose.

Round 4 vs Tony, Stark Fealty

I figured this would be a great game to get Duel off but it actually didn't work out that way. He got Dacey and Ned out early and then played lower gold plots, never getting another 6G character. I got some power on my guys, was able to bow Ned with a Filthy Accusations (as he didn't see much intrigue) and then the next turn Lord Renly's Ride to Intimidate him. Eventually I was able to build up enough power and he only had what was on the board.

Top 4 vs Kikko, Martell Fealty

A rematch, although this time I got a solid enough draw. The game went very long, to our 9th plot. He held the Marches to the end so I had to play around them. I was able to get out a Brienne who ended up with 6 power on her due to Name Day/Knight of the Reach, but then he dropped Ghaston Grey. Eventually, needing 3 power to win, I swung with the Knight of Flowers and played Lady Sansa's Rose to hit 15 before he could be Ghaston'd.

Top 2 vs Mike, Targaryen/Kraken

We both get a solid setup as he sees little Theon, a dragon, a Plaza of Pride and a Shipwright, and I start with a couple of knights and a Roseroad. I'm able to develop my economy quickly this game with a turn 1 Redwyne Straights and turn 3 Arbor. He gets Drogo out but using Plaza burns his hand down. The key play happens on turn 3, when he gets a Second Sons into the discard with Flea Bottom out. He uses them to win a power challenge and I then trigger Rains on my Intrigue challenge to Wildfire. He's forced to kill the Second Sons or risk being left with just Theon/Drogo and getting hit with Marched the next turn.

He sets up a Valar that almost board wipes me on turn 6 when I'm at 12 power, and he keeps his board. However, I'm able to build back up a bit, and on turn 8, with his Valar looming again turn 9 (which would have left him with 12 power and Drogo to my empty board and 3 power), I'm able to use Knight of the Reach, two Renown characters, an intimidate, a Lady Sansa's Rose and an unopposed power challenge to hit exactly the 9 I need and win. Mike played a perfect game, his deck just left him on the draw early and he wasn't able to expand his board position as he kept losing cards.

So thanks to everybody for some great games. General play on the deck is Harvest t1, Wardens t2, either Late Summer or Name Day t3 unless you need a meta plot, then close out with Tourney.


Knight Of The Blackwater 131

Nicely done! And I agree Martell is annoying when they kill your green apple knights!

Would you add the new knight from Kingsmoot, ser Hunt? If so what would you drop for him?

starclown 85

I took (a slightly different version of) this deck for a spin in our local game night.. worked great.. Awesome deck.