The watch has need (Only core and taking the black)

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TheBroFromHeaven 25

This is not finished deck! And its one of my first decks, so dont expect much. I only used the core set, and taking the black, firstly because its the only sets I own, and maybe thats better for beginners.


Slycosby 14

Little Bird and Noble Lineage are not very effective as positive attachments. Most NW characters can only have weapon attachments. I would also consider going for 3x on Castle Black as it will allow you to defend and retaliate with a NW character. Consider getting rid of Confiscation in favor of another more useful plot for NW. Locations are key for NW, especially The Wall, as it will help you gain power and bolster your character's strength.

TheBroFromHeaven 25

This deck is old and bad. Weird there isn’t any delete option.