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MadMeteorite 68

Once I found out I was on team I knew I would be playing #easymode. I was a little sad I couldn’t play combo, but I’d been playing targ lately, so I can deal. Our team figured out early that too many people wanted to play fealty, so I volunteered to play another agenda. I wasn’t high on Crossing, maybe Banner Wolf or Watch. It turned out those decks were not good enough. Jesse, my mini team leader, sent me the first version of this deck. I did a few games with it and I liked it enough. I took it to a SC and won. That sealed it for me. I was playing Targ Rains. Jesse got a ton of reps in with the deck to help us refine it. Andrew and Edward played the same deck +/- 3 cards.

Card choices:

Valar Dohaeris Going into WAR I was really high on playing both Valars. The main reason for this was the SoCal meta. There wasn’t going to be a ton of surprises or minicurve decks. They generally play your typical midrange decks. Both Valars were fine out of Fealty, but Rains needed better gold than VM. Eventually we just played VD, which was great because people played around VM all day. Many of my games where VD was impactful, my opponent had saves on all their big bodies. #savesdontmatter

Daario Naharis and Grey Worm are Rains machines! I definitely underestimated their power. I played 2x of both because I am greedy. With VD being my reset, I don’t have to worry about seeing a dupe, just want to see the body. If one does die, you have plaza fodder for Drogo/Dany.

The Spider's Web If you can flip this early, you probably win. Getting 3 cards out of their hand forces them to Coppers next turn, which you can use to your advantage.

The Red Wedding Mostly to kill Mace and Varys.

Gates of the Moon If you see it early, it really helps your econ game. If not, use it for plaza.


Round 1: Chris Thompson, Martell Wolf Of course Chris and I got paired round one. Total bullshit. I was sitting at 12 or 13 power and made a huge misplay. Got greedy, did a challenge with Drogo, he got bounced with southern messenger and it was all downhill from there. LOSS

Round 2: Ryan Jones, Lanni Crossing Very similar, if not the exact same, deck Ryan played at Stahleck. I knew it fairly well. I burned Shae and was able to handle things from there. WIN

Round 3: Shelby Anderson, Tyrell Rains Shelby got no econ until too late in our game. He just couldn't keep up a board state. WIN

Round 4: Matt Zelus, Nights Watch Wolf Since before Worlds I’ve been messing with NW Wolf. I know the deck fairly well and could guess on changes made to it since Ramsay came out. I had a strong start with getting in INT challenges Daario. Matt stole my Second Sons from discard and put 2 gold on him. I went first throughout the game to use Daario to take my Second Sons for the next two turns. That sealed it. WIN

Round 5: Aaron Glazer, Stark Stag My first game with Glazer. I look at my hand and see Drogo, Reducer, econ and Crown of Gold. A beautiful Crown for either Cat or Mel. He sets up Mel, makes a joke about me having Crown would be the end of the game. I tell him I’ve got it in hand. Crown Mel. He is able to keep up in the power game with Table and Chair, but it’s not enough. WIN

Round 6: John Dietrich, Bara Kraken John had my number, just waiting to get revenge on everyone who was on team Martell last year. Queensmen discarded my Crown of Gold early. I was able to hold out by keeping him from getting his Red Keep triggers early. Eventually stealth and intimidate was too much for me. LOSS

Round 7: Chris Schoenthal, Greyjoy Rains I was dreading the GJ match. Saves for days, location hate, and giant renown bodies. Just not positive for me since Asha came out. Luckily, I had a pretty solid board state from the beginning of the game and drew into my Nightmares. It sucked we had to play both being 4-2 so winner was guaranteed in the cut. WIN


Top 32: Matt Thornton, Greyjoy HRD Great Kraken I knew his strategy was unopposed challenges. My teammate Stefan and my husband Chris had played him, so I was aware of his plots... so I thought. I was told he played VM, turns out he plays VM, VD, and Duel. Yikes. I get a pretty good board state quickly. Matt struggles for econ. I played my plots in an order so that I can win initiative and go first. I pressured him to defend my challenges, so he couldn't do many of his own. I got his hand pretty small. I discard his saves and Asha. He was in top deck mode towards the end. WIN

Top 16: Kevin Shannon, Greyjoy Rains I had a decent setup. Kept Euron at bay with Nightmares early and stopping Rains triggers. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get ahead. I think my issue was playing too wide to stop the triggers and throwing VD out too early. Never felt ahead that game. LOSS

Overall a good run at Thrones WAR.

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