SoCal Beach Wolf [Thrones W.A.R - Top4, 8th in Swiss]

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None. Self-made deck here.
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Marched to the Ramsay (Top 2 & Top 4 at 2018 SCs/Regionals) 4 4 5 1.0

TheAllBlacks 76

8th in Swiss(best Martell) - Ended Top 4

This version piloted by Buzz, other versions:

Fred Byrd - Top32

Chris Thompson - Top32

Jimmy Stewart - 75th

Jousting Pavilion for stats and records

WIN - Targaryen Rains - Edward Kim

WIN - Greyjoy Dragon - Sandy Barnabas

WIN - Lannister Rains - Murdock MacAskill

LOSS - Tyrell HRD Bitterbridge - Zi Deng

WIN - Baratheon HRD Red Keep - Eric Greene

WIN - Night's Watch Rains - Benji Jones

WIN - Stark Kraken(rush) - Corey Briggs

WIN - Targaryen Crossing - Stefan Topfstedt

WIN - Targaryen Rains - Jesse Carpenter

WIN - Night's Watch Kings of Summer - Ryan Jellison

LOSS - Greyjoy Rains - Kevin Shannon

The loss against Bitterbridge was one we counted on, to win the matchup you need to draw 2x FroZo + atleast 1x Varys, which I didn't. Targ being a very volatile matchup I was very fortunate to be able to slug through 3 of them in the tournament. On the other hand I lost to one of my comfort-matchups in Greyjoy ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Bubble plots: Valar Morghulis, Counting Coppers, Building Orders, Naval Superiority - the flex plot is Duel

Bubble cards: Jojen Reed, Harrenhal (GoH), Forgotten By History, Vengeance for Elia, Palace Spearman, Tumblestone Knight

The core of the deck is very very strong, The Water Gardens gave the deck a big upswing. The big change we made with the new pack was adding Ramsay Snow. After playing around with him a lot we started running The First Snow of Winter and it was 'love at first test'.

We also moved away from Dohaeris, it just doesn't do much for the victory condition. Quite early we also started to add Varys to have better matchups vs Greyjoy and Night's Watch and quickly after we found Valar Morghulis to be redundant.

My big contribiution to the deck was the removal of Counting Coppers. I've found the 2 gold plots (CC & VM) to be too much of a tempoloss to be worth it and have added more economy plots(Riddle, Routes & FFF) - reliable 5 gold plot is very important and gives you the gold needed to spend on your tools. Secret Schemes and Trader+The First Snow/Flea Bottom is enough sustain in most matches but Bara's Hand Destruction can be an issue.

A big difference from the other versions is my 3x Arya(Core) & Nymeria. I also 2x instead of 3x Arianne until we got word on how Ryan would rule on the Ramsay + Arianne interaction which made me mind less to draw Arianne dupes.

The Elia / HH / FBH / Tears / NM slot is very much up to personal preference and can be entirely cut if need be.

  • Vengeance is better vs aggresive decks and on the First Snow turn
  • Tears is better vs Bara/Greyjoy/Stark + very solid overall with Nymeria Sand, Darkstar & Spies
  • Harrenhal (GoH) is better with Valar or if you can play it and Varys on the same turn.
  • Forgotten by History needs more testing, but have performed well. 3x Gardens is recommended as a pairing.

A big thank you to Team Martell and The All Blacks for the testing, tuning and theorcrafting. This also includes our recruited helpers: Plamen Marekov, Kyle Duncan, Zack Decoto, Jakob Hultman, Kevin Richardson, Rabs, Jakob Wåhleman

Feel free to ask questions, there is definitely a science to playing the deck - we have a big team, lots of testing and pages of discussions to fall back on.


jehamric 1

Thank you for the list and info. Looks like a lot of fun to play! A few questions: 1)do you have a typical order in how you play your plots? 2)do you prefer to be first or second player? 3)how exactly does the Ramsay/Arianne interaction work? Would you return Arianne to your hand and sacrifice another character if you used Arianne’s ability to bring Ramsay into play? 4)is it preferable to play First Snow before or after Ramsay enters play?

Sorry if these are dumb and obvious. Thanks!

Buzz 516

Hey, @jehamric!

1) Generally FFF / Riddle as opener and Trade Routes on plot 5-6. In between everything depends on boardstate.

2) Almost always 2nd player(your econ relies on it), but a good play is Marched ---> Go First ---> Ramsay to clear a big char or two.

3) It was ruled for a while that you could discard Arianne to Ramsay before she returns to hand. This was a viable play if you had extra Arianne cards in hand, but has since been clarified to not work by FFG.

4) Usually you want to setup a First Snow ---> Marched ---> Go first ---> Ramsay. Or First Snow ---> Arianne ---> Ramsay ---> Marched.


jehamric 1

Sounds good. Thank you!


jedinstven 9

First I want to say great job guys with this deck

1) I saw you said that bubble card is Harrenhal (GoH). I guess that you use it instead of Vengeance for Elia? and Is it kinda expensive to have and setup?

2) I think that Duel is very very situational card since in this meta there are many low cost decks. So, which from "bubble list plot" is best to have?

3) Palace Spearman is great option, but instead of what card?

4) Arya Stark (TFM) + Valar Morghulis ?

Thank you in advance for answers. Cheers

jedinstven 9

5) What do you think of Political Disaster+Frozen Solid?

Buzz 516

Hello @jedinstven! 1) Yes, I found HH weak to GJ and to take up the same slot as an event. I like it if you play Morgulis.

2) The easy change would be Dohaeris. It is very good against GJ and Tyrell, but it is weak against Martell and Targ. So it depends on your meta. Morgulis is a lot better against Targ and Martell.

3) I am not sure. New Obara should be fit in first. If you have too few Power icons you can cut whatever you like. Power icon is king.

4) I think new Arya is overhyped. Maybe in a version without First Snow. My version relies very much on her stealth, dupe and power icon.

5) PD is great but it might mean you have to hold back your FroSo unless you have multiple. I would personally avoid it. Building Orders to find more FroSo (or FB) is probably better.

jedinstven 9

@BuzzHello again :)

I found this gameplan pretty good testing it last few days. And, as unwritten rule, there is BUT... but, i found pretty big problem facing -STR (current meta targ deck). I changed as suggested to VM plot against them, and everything was good for a few round leading 9:0 in power until i found myself without a unique character that can enter game since dragon events killed them all. I totally screwed his gameplan with Flea, clearing board and discarding his cards from board and hand.

So, biggest dissadvantage is there is no Judgment and no way to save them. Close Call has no place here.

So, can you give me some advice how u go against them?

jedinstven 9

Thanks in advance

Buzz 516

Targ is a bad matchup for Targ in general. It takes a lot of practice to understand when it's okay to let characters die and when you need to play slow. If you don't have FroSo on their Flea Bottom it's very hard.

His Viper Eyes is key to the Matchup and you have some cards that are very good vs them. Vengeance for Elia, Tears, HH, Ward, First Snow - All very good vs Targ(But their burn is even better against you).

The big issue is that you like to play with small boards and so do they. The Burn causes very big swings, especially during Military challenges. Drawing your dupes & Hotah is important so that you can stave off some Military presence. That's the thing though, the list of cards you need to see in order to beat the is a lot longer than the list they need to beat you. It is a very hard matchup, but with a lot of resilience and practice you can bring it to a ~45% Matchup.

jedinstven 9

Hi @Buzz and tnx for explanation. I have long and hard battles against them, saving frozen solid for flea, astapor, punishment in that priority order. The thing you dont mention is Judgment. You dont think thats crucial defense against 3 different - STR events, since i keep Gardens standing all the time for defense?

Buzz 516

@jedinstven I have never been a big fan of Judgement. It's often a dead card, because it only works if opponent also has events in hand or run events at all - which isn't always the case.

But you're right that it would be good vs Targ. But at cost for other matchups.