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Rick IsLitFam 261

Well, Thrones WAR 2018 was great this year. Even though I didn't win any games, went 0-12, had a close one against Josh M., I still had a blast.

My main strategy was to purely intimidate my opponent by the size of the deck. A few people almost got up and quit! They thought it was a joke. Big thanks to Steve and Javier for helping me shuffle this deck. Couldn't have done it without you guys. I learned a lot and I think next year I may cut out the LoCR Jaime, he just didn't do it for me.


Kennon 253

Chin up, man! At least you were at Thrones WAR!

SwedishMango 7

Is there a video of a match?

NikolaP 61

Why not go big, use Alliance? :D

teamjimby 1887

FYI, this is a joke deck and was not actually present at Thrones WAR.