“Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not t

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gernerjg 13

This Banterbridge deck went 3-0 at the Lincoln, Nebraska store championship today.

The First Snow of Winter was a great reset because no one expects a winter plot in a Banter deck.

Caswell's Keep and Oldtown is a scary setup with Bitterbridge Encampment. The opponent cannot play Marched to the Wall, Valar Morghulis, or Valar Dohaeris since there are no characters. The Hightower and The Roseroad is also a good setup.

Also, did not see a Political Disaster in any of the three matches.

Bitterbridge Encampment was Frozen Solid the first match, but Oldtown was not.

Starting plot is always Calm Over Westeros with reducing Military claim to keep Banterbridge going.

Mace Tyrell + Oldtown + The Hightower + Caswell's Keep = Scary efficiency.

The Queen of Thorns (Core) really scares the opponent to prevent Randyll Tarly or King Renly's Host from jumping into the challenges phase.

Trade Routes is huge to gather more gold after a reset. This deck has many locations and most opponents tend to have them as well.

Close Call, The Hightower, and Renly Baratheon (FFH) all keep card draw going to prevent top decking.

Just be sure to keep track of reach “When Revealed” and “Reaction” so you do not miss out on a power, card draw, or gold. Also, make sure you trigger Mace Tyrell and The Hightower each phase and not once per round.



gernerjg 13

“Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should.” - Full quote from Jurassic Park.

IonGrey 1

Great list! Really liked the idea of combining Caswell's Keep with Oldtown.

Just curious - how effective was All Men Are Fools? I noticed you had it in 3x, but you only had 3 ladies total.

gernerjg 13

Thanks @IonGreyfor your question on the three copies of the All Men Are Fools card.

The card is great if all three ladies are in play, but I agree with you that I could definitely fill it with more efficient cards. Usually only one or two ladies will be out at any given point.

Hope you try out the deck with or without All Men Are Fools.

CRCL 110

@gernerjgYou could just swap All Men Are Fools with Superior Claim. It's also 0 Gold, has a similar trigger, but doesn't depend on ladies being on the board.

gernerjg 13

Thanks for the suggestion`@CRCL. Superior Claim would be a good switch. It would definitely easier to trigger.