Dany is the only one who can reign (NSW epping SC winner)

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bezhou 74

Thank you all the Sydney AGOT groups!!! im so lucky of winning this tournament, and most of all, so lucky to have you all.

English is my second language and i didn't get authorization from my opponents; therefore, i will not record all my games played today.

I just want to publish this deck to describe my thoughts about this deck and the game meta now.

After Valar Morghulis, Flea Bottom led a enormous meta change. So, i make the cost of characters lower and lower. most of them are under 3 cost and second son can be the best characters for flea bottom trigger.

Location is apparently more important than Characters since valar released. Until there is effective location cleaner ( "political disaster" is such a disaster), location will be the main strength on the board. "Flea bottom" dominate challenges and "the iron throne" dominate dom phase. The way to counter flea bottom is adding isle of ravens and the way to win dom is also adding iron throne.

I usually open with counting coppers and try to jump out Qotho. Dracarys and consuming flame are most frightful events in this game. 2 Valar plot and a marched to the wall can deal with large board all the time and give me a chance even my board was cleaned.

Thank you for reading and i apologize for my lame English expression.

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ironlix 1

Congrats! What was the toughest matchup you faced in the SC?