Mr Ambulance Driver

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lphainey 25

The most successful iteration I've come across in my quest to create a functional deck featuring the The Conclave. The trouble with the Maesters is many of them require you to kneel them or lose a challenge to trigger their abilities, which means they're not winning challenges for you. In this deck they need to win so you can turn Oldtown from a crap-shoot into a sure thing. Maester Wendamyr and Maester Pylos are useful here as their stealth makes it far easier for you to win a challenge without over committing, while the Citadel Novice provide a handy fail-safe for triggering Oldtown.

I like to name my decks after songs and so, in keeping with the Maesters commitment to healing, intelectual rigour and the Scientific Method this one is named after a track from the Flaming Lips 2006 album At War With the Mystics.

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