Targ Rains - Finalist Brawl at the Hollow Hill 2018

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This deck took me to the final of Brawl at the Hollow Hill 2018. A bit of background, I played Targ The Lord of the Crossing at Torneo de la espada blanca in Valencia and I wasn't very happy about how crossing was performing with current meta (I found difficult to win 3 challenges against Martell or decks with big guys). After that, I played Breaking chains from the Worlds 2017 (https://thronesdb.com/decklist/view/10259/worlds-2017-top-8-breaking-chains-bringing-rains-1.0) which I liked but with Valar Dohaeris everywhere and almost no renowns it wasn't as effective and fast as expected. Then I saw this deck (https://thronesdb.com/decklist/view/10799/targ-reigns-top-16-thrones-war-1.0) and I fell in love with it. It was really greedy to play all the big guys but it went really well.

I realized that this decks needs more money to play Dracarys! /Consuming Flames+Flea Bottom+cost 6 or 7 so I did a small change in the deck (-1 fire and blood + the roseroad to have more econ) and add another econ plot (-1 blood of the dragon +1 trading with the pentoshi). I have to thank you MadMeteorite for publishing his deck because I would have never reached the final without it. It went increadibly smooth and the opponents were always under pressure to take [insert here any cost 6 or 7] out of the board.

A quick summary of the tournament:

R1 - Dave -Martell Fealty - WIN I setup Khal Drogo with Viserion duped which goes marched to the wall but I manage to get 2 militarys's per turn and keep his board small. Then he plays VD but I play Dany which finishes the job. Really good player and friend, a pity we had to play on R1!

R2 – Josh – Tyrell House of red door - WIN He was very unlucky with the setup and between Mirri Maz Duur and his hole in intrigue I manage to kill his buddies every turn so he can't build a strong board.

R3 – Will – Martell fealty - WIN I only remember that I have a strong start with Dany but she gets poisoned slowly. When she leaves I put another big guy and I believe I played 2 Dracarys so he was far behind on tempo.

R4 – Mimovil – Lannister crossing - LOSS The tournament was going so well that I decided to do something stupid. I have a very strong board but he has Ser Jaime Lannister (Core), Tywin (Core) and some weenies as well. He plays Cersei and goes for intrigue so I defend to activate rains and play Wildfire Assault. He keeps all the family (obv) and does the rest of challenges easily. I wanted a small board but I clearly understimated the power of not kneeling. The optimal play was just burn Cersei and defend to win power on my challenges as second player+dom.

R5 – Daniel – Tyrell banner watch-LOSS It was pretty even until he blanks my Astapor, get a 7 str Haunted Forest Scout (out of range of my burn) and win all challenges with renown and intimidate. After the match he confesses it is a 1off he decided to play last minute.

R6 – David Sanchez – Martell crossing -WIN This one was tough. He plays Darkstar, I think Palace Spearman and with Flea Bottom so he has good board pressence. With 2 heads on spike hits first Daario Naharis and then Dany so he is around 7 power. Thanks to Khal Drogo's renown and the extra mil challenge I manage to get more power than him on the last turn.

I get on the Top8 as 6th!!

Top 8 – Kike - Lannister crossing - WIN (recorded) Daario was MVP on this game. Between him and Khal Drogo I keep defending his challenges, wining power with renowns and wining challenges as second player with Plaza of Pride. I could have played more agressively but I didn't want to give any power because I know crossing can run very fast. After the match, he confesses that he plays a lot of mercenarys so Daario was too good against him. Really nice guy, hope to see you soon.

Top 4 – Daniel from R5 (recorded) Very long game, really tight at the beginning. I have a good turn when I combine Daario + Grey Worm but he VDs and wins some power with Haunted Forest Scout + Longclaw. I VD on the turn after and I play Wildfire later to reset again. I manage to keep his rangers under control and win at the final turn. Very tough game against a really good player!

Final – Josh from R2 (recorded) - LOSS I got so far but in the end I couldn't make it. Although I make several important mistakes (forget to activate "The Rains of Castamere" to kill Mace Tyrell (play which was on the guide by MadMeteorite), forget Viserys Targaryen (Core) reaction to remove an attachment, ignore my opponent's plot...), I manage to get around 10 power but at the end a Mace Tyrell with 9-10 power wins the match by himself. Very good game and player!

Thanks a lot to Alqui for organising such a good tournament, looking forward to Brawl'19, and special thanks to god Enkedi for his good advice and blessings (although he didn't inspire me in the final).

PS: Sorry if something is not accurate, feel free to correct me on the comments!

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