Doran's Naval Wars to Come

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justchillinOC 133

This is the deck that I built and played for the SoCal Meta's Sands of Dorne launch tournament. The tournament's format requires each player to build a Martell deck and a non-Martell/Sun deck so it is a bit of a distorted meta in that you can bring a deck knowing you are playing Martell and you bring a Martell deck knowing that your opponent is teching against Martell. I've had pretty good success with it in regular games since as well.

I ended up winning the tournament going 4-0 for the day between this and Greyjoy Rains (which has a pretty positive matchup against Martell imho, especially with barring the gates and a king of salt and rock or two). The key to this deck is At Prince Doran's Behest and the suite of plots to flip into after effectively pausing the game. While Ryan Jones and Johnny Wright aren't wrong that this takes a lot of the skill out of the plot phase, being able to choose between Naval Superiority (which you always do if you can), Varys's Riddle, Marched to the Wallor if all else fails Late Summer Feast gives the Martell player quite a bit of control right from the start. If you don't Naval, just Change of Plans it later.

The rest of the deck is based on Doran Martell (Core) and The Red Viper (Core) and abusing any card that is based on how many plots are in your used pile and plays a slightly delayed rush style. I want to go to more than 1x Dorne because it is so good, but with Secret Schemes and the plot manipulation you already almost always have a full hand. The rest of the locations are focused on economy as the plots are of the impact variety rather than econ plots and not seeing economy at setup really hampers a first turn Naval.

The deck definitely isn't optimized yet but take it for a spin and let me know your thoughts.

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