A Song of Stand and Power

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A Song of Stand and Power - 2nd Prague Regional (73p) 25 15 9 1.0

Diomedes 2618

Combo decks are dead, long live Song decks!

The restricted list basically means no Highgarden Minstrel and Hand's Judgment, we can live with that. Tyrell offers the most song events, so that's where we start. Crossing has always been strong out of Tyrell and the newest Song "Off To Gulltown" is the perfect Crossing card. As a cherry on top, it counters (soon pretty common) Starfall decks pretty hard.

The main idea of this Song deck is Withering Cold into Annals of Castle Black. If you have Tom of Sevenstreams, you can stand one of your guys per phase by playing songs like "Bear and Maiden" out of your discard pile.


Stand guys: Tom of Sevenstreams, Randyll Tarly, Highgarden Courtier. Standing renown bodies is obviously good, and even better in a crossing deck. You may have fewer STR boosts than a dedicated courtier deck, but 3 Ser Loras, Ser Garlan, Marge and recyclable "Rides" will do. Don't forget the crossing bonus, standing then can still be good for dominance, as 2nd player or on a Withering Cold turn.

Event/draw guys: Blue Bard and Littlefinger are the main targets for TIBWHID. Olenna works great with Annals of Castle Black as does Elinor Tyrell, imagine replaying 2 Bounty of Highgarden :-D

Power guys: 4 renown dudes with a focus on the non-loyal standy guys Randyll and Loras. Knight of the Reach is there for the icons, his ability is not really reliable with only 3 ladies in the deck.

Giant guys: Mag the Mighty and Jaqen H'ghar are the main targets, the former is nice to have in the dead pile with "LRR" and the latter can be pretty good with the stand effects in this deck. Giant Varys is your only reset. Giant Tom can be good as a last resort on your finishing turn to stand a renown guy.


Political Disaster into Nothing Burns Like The Cold is obviously great if your own locations are 2 dupeable econ locations. Jade Sea Dromond helps set up a great Nothing Burns Like The Cold turn. The Withering Cold also doesn't affect your own economy, neither does The King in the North.


"Lord Renly's Ride" is the song event that makes the deck hum (pun intended!): double stand (Randyll/Courtier and Tom) and kneel (intimidate) in a single 1-cost event! The kneel is even better combined with The Withering Cold.

"Off To Gulltown", "The Last of the Giants", and Bounty of Highgarden fit right into a Crossing rush deck.

Worst case scenario, TIBWHID is an anti-attachment card, best case you see it together with The Blue Bard or Littlefinger. Edge case is saving a "Giant" character from being killed. And you can always use it to turn a knelt character after withering cold into gold.

"A Rose of Gold" and "Bear and Maiden" help with the 2-card combos in this deck ("Giant"/big neutral guy, The Blue Bard/TIBWHID, Courtier/STR boost). Dead draws are another issue these 2 events adress. You have a lot of 3x uniques, no saves and only 1 Close Call. I also like to let the opponent draw their locations instead of characters to prepare a Political Disaster. ;-)

Tbh, "Bear and Maiden", Bounty of Highgarden, "A Rose of Gold" and "Off To Gulltown" are not really efficient by themselves but get better if you can play them again from your discard pile because they cost nothing or net you gold/cards.

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Itachi 1

Simply amazing. My favorite deck in Thrones!