Tyrion Tanner (Brighton Charity Deck, 3-2, 9th Achievements)

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jcwamma 2068


Tyrion Tanner, born from a hundred men's primal desires in the street - this deck's got him beat.

Tyrell Alliance. So our donators have lots of cards to choose for fun. With Stag and Sun.

Dornish Paramour. Gets people into challenges they wouldn't go near. Tremble in fear.

If I don't draw her. Need a backup plan to get them into the challenge - Dornish Revenge.

Butterbumps' Insight. Making the count of the cards that I see go up higher. But he can backfire.

Making a challenge. Pulling in those who are foolish to be there you see - wearing Motley.

But under the waves, Patchface is waiting to see what keywords he is thrown. I know I know.

Noble Ser Garlan. Wherever he goes you'll be sure that he'll class up the place. "Ill done your grace".

Young Petyr Baelish. Tried to woo Catelyn but sadly he took it too far. Received a scar.

Melanie Sanders. With her religion she likes to bring people to heel - they gotta kneel.

Time to go sailing. Salladhor Saan has the whole fleet at his fingertips, brings in warships.

Black Betha's STR boost, bringing up characters while Davos thinks of his child. Damn thing gone wild.

Battle of Oxcross. It is Richard Walker's 6th favourite plot in the game - is he insane?

Thoros the red priest. Winning melees with his famous great flaming red sword. Shame he's R'hllor'd.

Lacking in econ, Paxter Redwyne can bring the events into the fold; gives me a gold.

Then there's Redwyne Straits. Econ efficiency is the name of the game here. Drought disappears.

Open with Naval - will I do it or hold it back because I am kind? ** with their minds.

Lots of jank events. Likely incoming so I'm glad that Annals was picked. OP restrict.

HoT QoT is out there. Waiting to find the events that I'm needing to win. Potential lynchpin.

Getting some beef now. A wonderful card that can keep my renown count as large - it's Tinder Marge.

Win power by 5, not always easy but sometimes Superior Claim, wins you the game.

Crap econ Renly, admittedly of all decks this one uses him best. He's still a mess.

Arianne Martell, bouncing in characters that you would never expect - what an effect!

Need some good 5 costs. City Watch can fit the bill and also just cost 4 - or sometimes more.

If I draw this card, my chances of winning the game will plummet through the floor - Ru-by of R'hllor.

Oh not another. Such a bad card to be stuck with multiples in deck. Oh flippin' heck.

All of these one-ofs. Very small chance that I dupe any character cards. Blackwater discards.

This is a bad plot. Couldn't it not have had the Kingdom trait at the least? Late Summer Feast.

Here it is again. Opponents will smile as they find that free draw's pretty nice. Why's it here twice?

King Robert's Hammer, using it to cave in heads of other fighting men. Gods-He was strong then!

With my four ladies, it is important that all of my stealth needs are met - Silver Hair Net.

First Snow of Winter. OP in first cycle it shouldn't really have been there; now it's more fair.

Ser Davos Seaworth, smuggling in onions for Stannis's famine was grand - lost him his hand.

And his wife Marya. Not notable in the books but she works well with stealth, and has her health.

Using Oathkeeper, searching for one-off characters that might help me win. STR boost built-in.

Efficient event, answers any character or location that scares. Good old Nightmares.

Second of Motley. You might not think it is worth the cardslot to run two - more the Fool you.

Using the Strangler. Making the character's STR drop to 1 for the day. Banter breath-play.

Royal Entourage. With my green icons he might not even have to kneel. Still a raw deal.

Draw's at a premium. So Johnny gives me a card with a gain that is large. Traited a Barge.

Davos is quite good. Drawing a second could sadly throw me for a loop - worst one to dupe.

Cheeky Hand's Judgement. Helping me stop the Annals turn backfiring too bad. I'm not too mad.

Running the Rivers. Something defending renown should take into account - their STR won't count.

House Martell's best card. A second copy should hopefully see me do well. Lady Martell.

Another bad dream. This deck's becoming increasingly GoodStuff by pick. Improving quick.

Jaqen H'ghar-hate, also clears chuds, Ricasso and Ghiscari Elite - Dissension's sweet.

Planky Town Trader. Paid in advance for a five coster when he leaves play. Hello HFK.

In such a large deck. It is important to get to draw cards without fail - The Dragon's Tail.

Could well lose a lot. If I do then Shandystone covers me on defence - stand is immense.

Dickish attachments. If I draw this card then I can ignore them at peace. Blessed by the Rheece.

This card is awkward, first if I draw Generosity it wastes my time; also to rhyme.

Faceless Ryan Jones. Ditto-esque stealing of his victim's faces is cruel, but also cool.

Time for more econ. Another 2-cost limited while the 4-coster waits. The Redwyne Straits.

The Silent Sisters. As more and more characters die, game increasing in length, they raise their STR.

Ser Arys Oakheart. First edition's correct version was such a great card. Now a wet fart.

Lots of bad plot cards. With Change of Plans I can simply put them in the used. Feast is excused.

Third lot of Motley. The fool trait is clearly appealing to all of you peeps. Discarding heaps.

The Sands of Dorne box. Legal for this event someone fin'ly understands. Obella Sand.

Time for a repeat. All the best non-Martell characters like to go down, to Planky Town.

Next up a core card. Discarding cards when you win intrigue, that effect's his - Maester Lomys.

Big **-off giant, that strong impact will have people raising the white flag. Mightiest Mag.

Second of Core Mel. Bringing more kneel to the deck and the trait of R'hllor - wish I had more.

Picking off low STR, with my STR pump card effects they'll be in for a fright, House Florent Knight.

Gaining 2 power. Superior Bants rewards you when you win pow by 5. Banter will thrive.

Hot Pie just means well. Sadly for him this deck's somewhat companion-lite. It makes him shite.

Nasty opponents. Finding their characters might just sod off for the day - they're locked away.

So much Baratheon. Kinda useful as it helps make the Laughing Lord great. Intimidate.

Then there's Valyrian. Janky effect makes me hope my opponent is rich - Trading plot switch?

Olenna's Cunning. In Alliance tutor cards are a nice piece of kit - just need to find it.

Lyseni Pirate. Quite a nice card but his strengths are not on display here. That buccaneer.

All the lonely one-ofs. Donations they come from. All the lonely one-ofs. So few of them belong.

Ahh, look at all the lonely one-ofs! Ahh, look at all the lonely one-ofs!

Tyrion Tanner, died a harsh death over several rounds of the swiss. People took the piss.

Tyrell Alliance. Washing my hands of this deck as it crashes and burns. Syner-gistic conerns...

(I also added a 3rd Arianne, 3x Queen's Men, 2x Varys, 2x Flea Bottom, 1x Gates of the Moon, 3x Jade Sea Dromond, 3x Ocean Road, a 2nd and 3rd Pleasure Barge, 2x Arbor, 3x Roseroad, and 2x Bounty of Highgarden. Hopefully all obvious why.)

Tourney report to follow.

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WorldSerpent 123

Fucking Ruby of R'hllor.