Buondiablo's knights (20 player tournament winner in Bologna

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Buondiablo 170

Hello! My name is Buondiablo and I created this list since I wanted to let everyone know that knights are REALLY viable in this meta, expecialy because they can normaly close a game in 3-4 turns even after a reset or a first snow of winter (you need 3-4 characters, and most of them don't kneel so you'll be able to defend easily).

I won a tournament in Bologna with this, and the same list (piloted by EMPEROR MING) won another tournament in Tuscany.

Most of the character will attack alone with a huge value, and for this precise reason normaly targa won't be able to burn them down. (Plan B is the plot which let you have event immunity and renown on knights)

Garlan is absolutely nuts since it let you have power claim 2 and let you rush even more, or it can be used to destroy your opponents hand if they are playing against a control deck.

Don't overextend, focus on the right challenge, start first and try to use your events tacticaly to gain a huge advantage on the board.

Most of the plots are alpha strikes that can let you gain 7-8 powers in a single turn, use them when you know that your opponent won't destroy your board and they won't be able to stop you!

If you play correctly you can survive every plot in a decent manner, the most important thing is to calculate before the plot phase how much power do you intend to do and how long do you want to keep on going with the current board.


Tavoittamaton 19

Love the deck, just wanted to pick your brain about a couple questions:

(1) Why Hedge Knight? Wouldn't Ser Colen of Greenpools x1 and Jousting Knight x2 give you the same value but also synergize with Rose Garden, Alerie Tyrell, Garden Caretaker and (most importantly) Wardens of the South better?

(2) As much as I love Randyll Tarly, do you find you have enough STR buffs to activate him reliably? He can't use the Jousting Pavilion or Tourney Lance so it's really just Renly's Pavilion, Margaery Tyrell (Core), "Lord Renly's Ride", Wardens of the South and the 3rd crossing challenge...but wouldn't you prefer to use him in 2 of the 3 crossing challenges? He was productive when I ran him, but he feels like he is pulling against the synergy of the deck, imho.

That said, thanks for putting this out there! Not trying to take you apart just curious for your thoughts.

Buondiablo 170

Hi! Thanks a lot for all your kind words :) Ser Colen it's a great choice (actualy, I already put one in there in the past few days) even though that strenght 1 can give you some problems with certain plots. I don't think that Jousting knight it's a good choice, because the synergy it's not that great and Hedge Knight it's way more reliable IMHO, but of course i'ts just my point of view!

About Randyll... Yes, you normaly have a lot of way to trigger him, and lord renly's ride + him may give you an obscene advantage against greyjoy or all the decks that rely on huge characters (that you will kneel by surprise). Randyll it's key because it's you "multi challenge boy" against plot like first snow, that can actualy destroy your game plan if you don't have a reliable drop that can do multiple challenge. Remember that this deck want to win on turn 3-4 (so you can take full advantage of him with warden,events, margery and so) and since 90% of the deck is composed by knights he doesn't destroy the synergy of the deck that much IMHO! Feel fry to try something else, but right know he's the only "big guy" that can do multiple challenge and doesn't need that much babysitting to do so (and of course that renown helps a lot).

Krag4n 1

Hi, and thank you for this deck. Which card do you remove when adding Ser Colen ? Do you prefer to attack or defend first with this deck ?