War Is Coming - Paris GNK winner 2018-04-24

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None. Self-made deck here.
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pyrodany my queen (outdated) 8 7 3 1.0
Khaleesi's Warbox - 3rd Paris regional 3 4 7 1.0

zack 126

Here's the deck I played yesterday in a small GNK in Paris and won it.

It's still very rough and unoptimized, but I like how it "feels" a lot: plenty of draw, plenty of flexibility, and in the end it doesn't rely too much on the new Dany to win. Plot line is still in flux, I'd really love to add back Valar Dohaeris and a 2nd winter plot (e.g., another 2-claim plot to replace Retaliation).

I've also tried to sneak in a Beggar King/The King in the North, but couldn't find place for it without sacrificing location control, which is still very important in the current meta.

All comments/suggestions are very welcome !


inahgiam 118

hey, how do you play your deck? whats your strategy?

inahgiam 118

i think i came up with a better version of this deck, would love to talk to you.