Tyrell, get gold, get cards, win(Dockside Brothel Days Champ

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kweeny 336

So, first of all, huge thanks to the organizers of the tourney, it was huge, amazing, bladibladibla, I love you all.

So, this deck is all about card draw, gold and maximizing your own board. There are several win-conditions:

Either you get Mace, Hightower and Leyton out and get 12 power in two turns with all of those out. Be prepared to get some death-stares from your opponent. An other is to voltron a Standy Randy or Dog and standy girl. This combined with all the buffs that Tyrell currently has makes you win all challenges and thus the game. The last one is to play Nightmares everything against Martell or Stark and get a free turn where they cannot do anything except for watching you play.

For the deck itself, you could ask yourself why I did not go for "The Rains of Castamere" or The Wars To Come. The main reason was that I liked the gold. I never felt like I had enough gold. I was Scrooge McDuck every game. 10 gold and I still felt like I could not play everything I wanted. And, like a meta-mate said, "you do not need the extra plots of wars, you just need gold." Apparently, I did not need them after all, so thank you Joppe. The plots should speak for themselves. Calm is just a really solid opener. 6 gold if your opponent does not open with a winter plot and you deny them claim on either a or the first turn. I only played another plot as an opener once, which was a Valar Morghulis to get rid of the others players solitary mace. The other plots are to Get gold, win challenges, [Nightmares everything(/card/08080) or to make someone rise from the dead.

I did see some similar Tyrell decks that day. The main difference was the cost-curve. Mine was quite low with core Marge, the informers, the informants, the spies, the emissaries and the courtiers.

My banter cards were definitely the "Off To Gulltown"'s, which were mostly there to give Randyll a surprise intrigue icon, but also served the purpose of cycling themselves or having a military icon on one of your chuds. They could also be replayed with the Emissary of the Hightower to essentially draw an extra card.

For questions, feel free to ask.


Buster_NL 1

Hi Wilco, congrads, did Mace get milked a lot?

jjkuif 1

Again, well done! Now come and play some nonsense again ;-)

kweeny 336

Hi @Buster_NL, He got milked only once. When he did, I just focused on my other good characters.

iTrvis 369

Congrats on your win!

Being out of the meta for awhile now, i'm curious how Mace Tyrell (HoT), The Hightower and Leyton Hightower combo generates 12 power in 2 turns.

kweeny 336

@iTrvis say you marshall them both at the same time. That is the gold for marshalling phase. In challenges you use leyton to cheat someone into play. Then you blink someone with mace. So you get a character back in dominance. In standing you trigger leyton again, after which you blink him with mace. So you get a trigger in taxation. In plot phase you trigger leyton again. Since he is standing again after he comes into play. Then you stand leyton with a Highgarden Courtier and some strength buff, like Margaery Tyrell (Core) or Hightower Spy in draw phase. You trigger him again. Etc etc.

iTrvis 369

@kweeny Ah..... i get it now. That's a pretty cool combo! Might meddle with it for the lols. Thanks for the prompt reply!

JPA75 1

@kweeny Question about that combo. While it works for one turn as described, your faction card has to kneel to use Mace's ability. So if you kneel it a second time during the standing phase as described to blink Leyton, it will remain knelt throughout the following turn, correct? So Mace can get about 6 power as shown above, but not 12. You can't do this on back-to-back turns because your faction card will be knelt for the second turn. If that's wrong, please explain what I'm missing. It's quite a combo either way.

Baronerosso 155

Have you think to filthy accusations for new arya stark?