Baratheon: Power Focus.

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Zukin 156

Since the Core Set. Baratheon have been funneled down 2 lines of play,Melisandre (Core) kneel package or Dominance Location Lockdown. This upset me as I'm quite a Nedly player and prefer Robert Baratheon as my favourite character and wanted to focus on a Baratheon theme since first edition, challenges.

This is a first rendition of steps towards that deck and I'm aware that I have left out many of the Kneel abilities. It plays quite well and a lot of opponents don't expect the playstyle, generally expecting either the Dominance or Melisandre Package.


These are cards that I think would also make great choices in the deck, however I mainly play Melee and have to acknowledge the Restricted list.

Superior Claim is a no brainer. Win challenge by 5 str should be incredibly easy in this deck.

Tarred Heads is a possibility win a and snag a claim with a Heads on Spikes effect minus the 2 power if you hit a character.

Melisandre (Core) or Melisandre (GtR) both Melisandre packages are great and they are hard to ignore. But if you want to take her, bring her Rhlorr friends along for a ride.

x3 Maester Cressen is a good choice if you expect a lot of attachments in your meta. Mine doesn't generally run that many, which is why he's only a 1x in my deck.

Confiscation Read above!

Seen In Flames I don't run enough Rhlorr to warrant it in my opinion, but you may do! Great for seeing your opponent's hand and removing their next trick.

Counting Coppers Card draw is king and if you can't keep your The Red Keep up , it's a good fall back plot.

Card Choices

The Bastard of Nightsong is probably one of the most important cards to this deck. He enables Disputed Claim quite easily and pairs well with Ser Cortnay Penrose. He is the Crown Jewel of this deck and simply makes your challenges claim 2 on offence and can dishearten anyone trying to turn off your The Red Keep card draw.

The Red Keep is generally the location you turn to for The House With the Red Door agenda. It buffs us with a +2 strength boost when we have a participating character in challenges and gives us card draw.

Appointed is here because of the lack of icons this deck sports, most of our characters are unique which is why I went with this over Little Bird so opponents Maester Cressen can't take it from us.

Traitor to the Crown is a good card and isn't Terminal, which allows us to replay it on another character once the original has left play. Play this attachment on opponents with Stealth or Big characters on the field.

Dragonstone Castle is a niche card here, it's generally here to annoy opponents in the Standing phase or keep big characters down.

Maester Pylos is here to guard against stealth or allow our The Bastard of Nightsong through easier.

Lightbringer is here to force pressure with Robert Baratheon as a cheap Seal of the Hand.

Ours is the Fury is to defend against challenges. Not a lot of people expect this card anymore, but it can win games and keep your hand safe. Do not underestimate this card with Robert Baratheon.

Plot Choices

A Clash of Kings is your closer plot, if you have The Bastard of Nightsong this can really, really ruin your opponents day.

The King in the North is here due to being able to run a few kings out of Baratheon. With the attachment and Robert Baratheon you should be pretty solid on locking down an opponent for a turn.

Close Call Sadly our main focus here The Bastard of Nightsong is not a lord and can't have a Bodyguard so we have to expect that he will die at some point. This is to prevent him being Heads on Spikes and Tears of Lys or some other grisly end.

Forced March is still a testing plot for me, it's kneel and it has cool artwork is all I can say really. That and most icon characters have a icon too and we don't want them coming near our The Red Keep.

Time of Plenty Extra draw and decent gold, this is your back up economy card.

Trade Routes Economy. Enough said.

Valar Dohaeris Is our reset, we don't want to kill people we just want them to acknowledge our Kingly ways. What's the point of having a Kingdom if you've murdered all of your subjects?

Final Note

This deck idea can and probably needs improvement. It's subject to more playtesting, for tweaks and cuts as is any deck. I appreciate any feedback you lovely fellow Game of Thrones players have to offer.




Samurai7 1

What is the point of House Maester other than the eyeball? Every time I look at it I just don't like it and have you considered King Stannis?

Zukin 156

@Samurai7 Hi, yes he is just there for the cheap icon to be honest. I'm looking at dropping the King at the Wall attachments and might be able to drop in Stannis Baratheon (TIMC) for them. I've been trying to keep the cost curve low as my Meta at the moment is focused on Valar Dohaeris, but he is very playable in the deck.

Just be aware that this deck doesn't really go for the dominance triggers, which is why I'm also considering dropping Gendry which would allow more in faction slots. What would you swap the House Maester slot for?

Thanks for the input!

Lucid 13

Just putting it here: You realise that King at the Wall doesn't count neutral locations for its effect, right?