HSE: I Choose Violence Winner 18p

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TeamBolton 83



iaan 17

Seems interesting, could you explain how you played a bit? Seems like ressource denial with mil as as second win con to me...

TeamBolton 83

Thanks, the deck tries to wear out the presence of the opponent in the game with cards like: Wraiths in Their Midst / False Spring (for the opponent's hand), Ser Ilyn Payne / Tywin's Stratagem / Lion's Tooth (for small characters), the best plot of the moment -Breaking Ties- and of course the control of the opponent's deck with pillage / Tywin Lannister (LoCR) and the agenda. The Tickler and Ser Gregor Clegane are pure fun in this deck. The deck only go for mill in a extreme case of a matchup against Martell.

Here the matchups: thejoustingpavilion.com