A Song of Stand and Power - 2nd Prague Regional (73p)

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Diomedes 2748

I came in second in the huge Prague regional with 73 players (https://thejoustingpavilion.com/tournaments/5225) using several cards my opponents had never seen in play, first and foremost The Blue Bard and Tom of Sevenstreams. Kudos to the Czech organizers, the tournament was perfect from start to finish!

The main idea of this Song deck is Withering Cold into Annals of Castle Black, usually my plots 2 and 3 after opening Time of Plenty. If you have Tom of Sevenstreams, you can stand one of your guys per phase by playing any phase songs like "Bear and Maiden" out of your discard pile. You can find a more detailed description of the deck here: https://thronesdb.com/decklist/view/11033/a-song-of-stand-and-power-1.0

War of the Night's King - Prague Regional Report:

Round 1: Win vs. Winter

I got Redwyne Straits in setup, and Jaqen H'ghar put pressure on him instead of his wolves on my characters. I drew few songs, but he was lacking econ and I could win easily without any tricks.

Round 2: Loss vs. Red Door

The opponent was playing my very own Bitterbridge deck I published after winning the most recent online league: https://thronesdb.com/decklist/view/10988/bridge-of-hightower-spies-10-2-champion-of-westeros-1.0 Even though I can burn his set up Hightower, a round 1 Varys set me back. His Wardens of the South turn with Randyll Tarly and King Renly's Host supported by Highgarden Courtier proved too strong for the characters I had in play.

Round 3: Win vs. Wars

Very close game that went to plot 7 with a 15-14 win. A round 2 Valar Morghulis killed 3 of my 3-copy guys: Littlefinger, Tom of Sevenstreams, and Ser Loras, while the Stark sisters survived. Randyll Tarly and a marshalled Jaqen H'ghar made some pressure, but Breaking Ties set me back again. This plot is a nightmare because 32 of my characters are non-loyal to work with Tom of Sevenstreams. You Win Or You Die on plot 6 made him win initiative against my Nothing Burns Like The Cold and get ahead in power for the first time with Robb Stark doing a lot of work. I copied You Win Or You Die and was able to edge out the win.

Round 4: Win vs. Wars

Funny deck with all the used plot pile synergy: New Areo, Host of the Boneway, The Prince's Plan, Change of Plans, Doran's Game. He even made good use of Muster the Realm. Another time I had a big unduped board after round 1, which ended in another round 2 Valar with no survivors, amongst the dead a Host of the Boneway. I only marshalled Ser Garlan on my Withering Cold turn and didn't attack because he used his 2 Blood Orange Groves to marshal an Orphan of the Greenblood and kept 2 gold. I attacked instead. The Annals of Castle Black: I played The Blue Bard and Tom of Sevenstreams standing Ser Garlan. I played TIBWHID on the bard after the challenge to have gold for some more events out of my discard pile. WIth my opponent having no icons on the board and only 1 gold left I attacked the crossing challenge with Ser Garlan to get another power for renown. He could trigger Change of Plans out of his discard pile to ambush Areo Hotah (SoD) for 1 gold and kill poor Garlan with 3 power. I didn't see that coming. I kept Tom because of his stand which was probably a mistake but I didn't want to have 4 of my 3-copy guys dead. He could marshal another Host of the Boneway which proved a huge problem together with The Prince's Plan. A Doran's Game was worth 7 power, so we both were close to winning. I could win initiative on the last turn with Nothing Burns Like The Cold and edge out another win. He made a mistake not keeping 3 gold for the The Prince's Plan in his discard pile marshaling a Red Viper with Hotah's Axe instead, lucky win in the end.

Round 5: Win vs. Faith

First time my deck really pulled its weight: He used A Noble Cause to get a Stark ladies board going: Fat Cat, Arya, Sansa, supported by Septa Mordane, 3 dupes and a Bodyguard on Cat. I marshaled Jaqen H'ghar. His tricon Arya became No One, but then Jaqen retaliated: supported by Syrio Forel and 2 stand effects ("Lord Renly's Ride"/Highgarden Courtier and "BAMF"/Tom of Sevenstreams) he could make 3 challenges alone and won 2 , so Cat died despite her bodyguard. He got 2 more kills the next round, so even Wildfire Assault and Breaking Ties couldn't turn the tide. He even needed to sacrifice Robb Stark to prevent me from winning. :P

Round 6: Win vs. Fealty

I made a huge mistake not making 3 challenges in the first round which made this game unnecessarily close. Thanks to Oathkeeper Tom of Sevenstreams had a dupe when Valar hit round 3. The opponent was about to get back into the game after Euron Crow's Eye had stolen both The Arbor and Redwyne Straits and a strong Rise of the Kraken turn, but I could win my 15th power by winning dominance 10-9 just because he bestowed 3 gold on Wex Pyke, phew!

Top 16: Win vs. Greensight

Pure Greyjoy is one of the best matchups because of the lack of stand, so The Withering Cold hits them hard. This time everything worked perfectly: Even though his round 3 Valar killed 5 characters on my side, a knelt Littlefinger survived. Funnily, he had shuffled a Risen from the Sea discarded for claim back into his deck, which he could have used to save another character because of my round 3 Annals of Castle Black. However, that wouldn't have mattered because TIBWHID on Littlefinger got me enough gold to play Randyll Tarly, Tom of Sevenstreams, "Lord Renly's Ride" and "Off To Gulltown". Randyll made 3 challenges winning 3 power for renown, 3 for unopposed, 1 for crossing and 1 for dominance (crossing made him stand up again) which was enough to win the game.

Top 8: Win vs. Wars

This and the following games got recorded: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/265846603. I had traveled to Prague together with Paul, who was still undefeated at this point. He had won the last SC undefeated as well, so he went into this game with an amazing winning streak of 13 games. My crossing power and renown put a lot of pressure on him, so he had to spent a lot of ressources between Big Arianne and Breaking Ties to return my renown guys back to hand. A milk on Tom of Sevenstreams made me choose Nothing Burns Like The Cold instead of The Annals of Castle Black after my The Withering Cold turn. Unfortunately, he could discard a Venomous Blade instead of the milk, but losing his The Iron Throne made me win power for dominance with my huge econ advantage: The Arbor in setup, later Redwyne Straits, Paxter Redwyne and 4 times The Bounty of Highgarden played for 1 gold. He was hurting for economy, and my Political Disaster before his Trade Routes trigger didn't make things better. Funniest moment was his Varys's Riddle into my Pulling the Strings. I triggered Trade Routes, he had to trigger my Political Disaster again losing Dorne and Flea Bottom. :-D I could constantly replay Loras, Garlan, and Tom with my economy advantage and easily win in the end.

Top 4: Win vs. Wars

He had an amazing turn 1: Randyll marched to the Wall, Paxter consumed by flames, Begging Brother burned and Qotho put into play along with 2(!) Missandei... At least Ser Loras could intimidate his last icon, only to get marched the next round. But this deck has amazing comeback abilities. Starting with the The Withering Cold as usual, I could slow him down and grind my way back into the game. Luckily, he played Counting Coppers on my following Annals of Castle Black turn, so he couldn't use all the dangerous events in his discard pile. Randyll Tarly wreaked havoc with "Lord Renly's Ride", so I jumped from 3 to 11 power. A timely Nightmares the next round stopped my win, but my Political Disaster hit him hard, so my win wasn't in danger.

Top 2: Loss vs. Crossing

His knight deck can easily win turn 2, so I opened Withering Cold instead of fishing for enough events first with Time of Plenty. I have nothing to stop Green-Apple Knights, so I played "BAMF" on his deck to prevent them from getting into play. Unfortunately, a Alerie Tyrell found one on turn 1. Randyll Tarly could win some power and stand with crossing, but sadly I hadn't found any "Lord Renly's Ride" to intimidate his board and win next round on my The Annals of Castle Black turn. Randyll could have made 3 challenges then with Stealth, Tom, and "Off To Gulltown", but the centerpiece was missing... So he won initiative by 1 on round 3 with A Tourney for the King against my Nothing Burns Like The Cold, played a 2nd Green-Apple Knight, and closed the game.


SpiriT 177

Some really cool uses of usually unused cards. Congrats!

argento 523

Very nice deck ! Congrats !

Alianka 24

Congratulations. Great out of the box deck. It was great deck to play against too, really amazing albeit I lost in top 16. Tom of Sevenstreams came as a suprise card for me. If I would not have a massive brain fart and choose Valar Morghulis ( that I wanted in the frist place, because of all 7?? unduped chars ) instead of A Noble Cause on turn 2, it could buy me some rounds. But all in all you would have most likely still won in the end, just later looking at the deck list. At least I used Strangler for the first and last time in the tournament on the Jaqen with Oathkeeper, which I am very very thankful.

Deilan 1

You deserve it so much! Grats man!

Diomedes 2748

Thanks, guys! :)

@Alianka yeah, Valar Morghulis hit me hard all day, I never had a duped guy in play in the 1st round, and I play 5 guys with 3 copies. In our match I was looking forward to playing The Iron Bank Will Have Its Due on my Jaqen out of my discard pile, but your Valar killed him before. ;)

See you next weekend, Deilan! :)

Alianka 24

@DiomedesI did publish my decklist too, at the end there is full description from my point of view and my thoughts of the game in case you would want to read that. I am looking forward playing against you next time, hopefully we will meet .)

Itachi 1

This is art.

Nimer 2596

This deck is....... WOW!!! Congratz for the amazing result!

Diomedes 2748

Thanks for the kind words! I like to play decks nobody else does, and it's even better when that deck actually works. :)