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Kennon 207

Here's the decklist that I played in the melee tournament at the First Player Championship last weekend and took to the final table. It was a solid day overall, though I feel this deck may lack a bit of the closing oomph that the Greyjoy/X decks that I generally tend to play in melee have.

The gameplan fairly obviously is to land a lot of knights and a variety of ladies and use them to rack up power. This lead to the choice of Lady Sansa's Rose as restricted card for the specific reason that it costs 1 gold. Going into things, I felt that a lot of players were likely to play The Hand's Judgment to stop a variety of cards like Superior Claim, Relentless Assault, Ahead of the Tide, and All Men Are Fools. Of course, all of these are free. In light of that, my hope was that players would not sit on the needed gold to cancel LSR often enough. Unfortunately, I saw way more Bran Stark (Core) during the tournament.

Another potential star was Arianne Martell (Core), an addition prompted by LGB to better allow me to drop in Emissary of the Hightower to replay key events or Olenna's Informant for an extra challenge. Theoretically, this was great, though overall, I used her more for sheer action advantage in challenges most of the day. Also, The Bastard of Godsgrace is included for a similar idea, thinking there may be games where it's worth it to sacrifice power from him to afford an extra power challenge with an Olenna's Informant or something. Alas, those situations did not appear all day.

Final positive thought is that the event immunity afforded by A Tourney for the King is huge in stymying opponent's plans to disrupt your gameplan. And great initiative to boot!

On the other hand, there are some cards that didn't work out very well over the course of the day, which could probably be dropped. At the top of that list are Hellholt and The Honeywine. I'm pretty sure I had a Greyjoy player with a Sea Bitch in play at every table all day. The cost of just letting them take one of my locations for a win is just too high, and I consistently dumped them to reserve.

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