A Song of Stand and Power - King of Swiss & 2nd Euros (11-1)

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Derived from
A Song of Stand and Power - 2nd Prague Regional (73p) 25 15 9 1.0
Inspiration for
TyrellSong Regional Winner Rosenheim, 4 4 0 1.0
Ser Mats Mullendore - Top 16 Czech Nationals 12 5 7 1.0
Stand By Me 6 2 2 1.0
A Song of Sea and Blood - 2/18 Great Hall & 2/15 SC 24 15 11 1.0

Diomedes 2748

First of all big congrats to Wamma, our undefeated European Champion! After going 11-1 in the European Championships I publish my Song deck for a third time to demonstrate that you can play other stuff than Targ burn, Tyrell good stuff and Martell Wars and still place high in a big tournament. Playing efficient cards like Mace Tyrell (HoT), The Hightower, Dorne, Breaking Ties, or Flea Bottom is simple, but with the right synergies Tom of Sevenstreams can dominate a board, too. :) You can even post the decklist one week before the tournament for everyone to see it. :P But I still think it's a good thing to share decks and inspire ideas.

A Song of Stand and Power

So what's this deck about that doesn't want to use most of the top cards? I try to really capitalize on stand effects and event synergies. Tom of Sevenstreams is the posterboy who brings these 2 effects together. He is amazing when I can follow up Withering Cold with Annals of Castle Black. Then you can stand one of your guys per phase by playing songs like "Bear and Maiden" out of your discard pile. This plan rarely works, but at least the opponent usually needs to spend lots of resources to prevent it.


Stand guys:

  • 3x Tom of Sevenstreams, 3x Randyll Tarly, 3x Highgarden Courtier.
  • Stand effects are always good, but they're especially good with keywords (renown, intimidate in this deck) and strong character effects (Jaqen H'ghar, Mag the Mighty!) It's easily done to attack 3 times with the same character ("Off To Gulltown"!) which either puts immense pressure on the opponent's board (Jaqen, Mag) or wins you lots of power through renown (Randyll, Loras).
  • You may have fewer STR boosts than a dedicated courtier deck, but 3 Ser Loras, Ser Garlan, Marge and recyclable "Rides" will do. Don't forget the crossing bonus, standing then can still be good for dominance, as 2nd player or on a Withering Cold turn.

Event/draw guys:

Power guys:

  • Either Randyll or Loras will usually do the heavy lifting. It's easy to make three challenges with them, often with high STR, intimidate and even stealth on top of renown. This power grab together with crossing often forces the opponent to react instead of following their gameplan.

Giant guys:

  • Mag the Mighty and Jaqen H'ghar (my favorite card!) are the main targets. Mag and Last Giant both serve as great enablers for "LRR" if the opponent refrains from killing one of your guys. Both 7-costers can be mass murderers if you can do 3 challenges with him. That does happen more often than you think!

/ Locations/Attachment


Why does this deck work in the current meta (I had played 10/12 games against these 3 factions, among them 7 players who ended up in the top 10!)?

  • The deck can be quick, so opponents often need to stop you from winning instead of following their gameplan, but other than many crossing decks it doesn't run out of steam after a couple of rounds.
  • With stand effects and "The Last of the Giants" you don't need a big board to make crossing work. You still have gold to marshal big econ locations for the long game. The deck can survive resets (there were lots of Varys) and then really explodes on a Castle Black turn.
  • I'm just ignoring Breaking Ties having 31 non-loyal characters here because of Tom of Sevenstreams. I had to face this plot pretty often, but somehow always managed to survive.
  • Same goes for The King in the North, faced it 6 times. You can still play events and your economy is not affected, but I'm considering Crown of Golden Roses with 11 Lords being in this deck.
  • The location control is so good against Martell and Targ. I feel that Tyrell is including more events than locations these days, though.
  • Margaery Tyrell (AMAF) can be a huge problem for crossing, "The Bear and the Maiden Fair" can ensure that she doesn't see play. Otherwise I depend on Begging Brothers or Jaqen H'ghar. ;-)
  • Martell plot cancel usually doesn't affect me in the first 3 rounds.
  • I have enough high STR characters (Loras, Ride, Mag) to survive burn events.


  1. M. Bone Wars - I had a good lead in the beginning, but Valar hits this deck hard if you don't see any dupes. The Withering Cold and Political Disaster are gold against Targ, though. When he finally had Pyro Daenerys and the econ to back her up, I had to retire a 4-power Randyll Tarly. My Knight of Flowers (HoT) was ready to step in. In the final crossing challenge his STR 16 was brought down to STR 5 and defended with Second Sons. I played TIBWHID for the final +2 STR boost. :)
  2. Ben Fox Rose - I met Ben the weekend before in Prague where he could see my Song deck in action. I had posted the decklist, so several opponents knew what I wanted to achieve but Ben had the best idea of how the deck worked. He knew to pick Redwyne Straits over an event with Queen's Men. Even though he had Randyll and Arbor Queen in round 1, I could get my challenges through. No reset and no milk/nightmares meant I could do as I please as Mel's kneel is countered pretty easily. Begging Brother was doing good work, too. At same point he had all 3 courtiers, Selyse, Mel, Bob, and Randyll out, and his 2 King plots (Your King Commands It and The King in the North) slowed me down, but Syrio on my side of the board made my Knight of Flowers (HoT) able win to his 3 challenges and intimidate Bob and Randyll. This was a good match where I felt in control throughout the game.
  3. Joe Zimmer Wars - The first of 4 Tyrell Wars I had to face, all pretty similar to Wamma's winning deck. He had the dreadful Mace Tyrell (HoT)/The Hightower combo, but I prefer that to Margaery. Joe knew my deck, but I could actually turn the mind game to my advantage. He wanted to King in the North me in round 3 expecting my usual plot order of Time of Plenty, The Withering Cold, The Annals of Castle Black. I played Nothing Burns Like The Cold to dethrone King Mace instead. I could dominate the challenge phases and was able to win this way.
  4. Gregory Patellis Stag - Political Disaster should be pretty good here. He started with Table/Throne in setup, I had both big econ locations out after round 1. He didn't know my deck, so he was picking out my events with his cards. He chump-blocked to deny unopposed. On my Withering Cold turn I was even able to win dom against his throne with the sheer amount of money I had left. I didn't want to overextend, and his Valar next turn proved me right. I could copy his Counting Coppers to rebuild my board, but Last Varys plus Nightmares on my bestowed Begging Brother cleared my board again. So the game went to plot 7: The Annals of Castle Black. He had lots of events, too, but I could win my 15th power.
  5. A. Trigonakis Wars - This game was much closer, it had another great showdown. I remember that my location control plots were decisive so that he didn't have much gold for his tricks. I was ahead, set back by Valar as usual (where are my dupes?). Final round Breaking Ties vs. The Annals of Castle Black: His bestowed Ricasso made his Doran's Game worth 8 power, so he jumped from 3 to 11 power. He made another challenge but he couldn't get to 15. He sacrificed Ricasso(!) to let my challenge with Loras fizzle. I was in reach of winning, but I had given him a 2nd The Prince's Plan instead of a Bastard Daughter with "Bear and Maiden" because I thought that was a good idea with Annals removing it from the game. So he could stop duped Tom's challenge with a Greenblood Trader. Well, here comes "Off To Gulltown" giving Tom an icon and standing himself for the final crossing challenge.
  6. Joel Pearson Wars - This was the funniest game of the day. He had drawn only small characters, I had big econ and a duped board with Randyll Tarly, The Knight of Flowers (HoT), and Littlefinger. Then he marshaled Varys on his Breaking Ties (my The Withering Cold) turn. I chose not to save Loras and returned him to my hand, while Randyll discarded his dupe against Breaking Ties, so he was still forced to trigger Varys. Next turn I marshaled Mag the Mighty instead of Loras, TIBWHID Littlefinger for the gold and played 2 Highgarden Courtier and 1 reducer. 2 "Lord Renly's Ride" and 1 "Off To Gulltown" turned Mag into a tricon attacking 3 times killing 7! guys across the board, first the reducer so I finally had a character in my dead pile. The courtiers died after standing Mag, who won 7 power for renown, crossing, claim, and unopposed. Last "man" standing and precision landing on 15 power. Great game! :D
  7. F. Campolucci Wars - The battle for King of Swiss on camera against one of the best Italian players. Unfortunately, he had next to no econ (thanks to my "BAMF" I might add), so there was no real fight. My board got valared away, but I could marshal Ser Garlan Tyrell (OR) and The Blue Bard. Next turn he marched my bard, thank you very much. :-D Randyll Tarly hit the board, "Lord Renly's Ride" and "Off To Gulltown" closed the game: 15-0!

Wow, what a day! I didn't expect to do that well. 7-0 and King of Swiss was beyond my imagination. The games in Prague the weekend before were much closer. I had some very lucky wins there, but this time the games went much smoother.

  1. Top 32 Richard Walker Wars - He has a good board with 3 dupes at some point. His King in the North with Beggar King was pretty effective, but my Withering Cold with intimidate was equally good. In one turn he missed to burn a duped Tom of Sevenstreams with Dany's A Dragon Is No Slave, the guy still gets underrated. Loras got pumped with "The Bear and the Maiden Fair" as my first challenge action, then went on to win 3 challenges with high STR. He had to valar his own Dany in the next round, Last Giant Jaqen H'ghar got stopped by Nightmares, but the intimidate was enough to win me the game with a Randyll Tarly crossing challenge for 4 power.
  2. Top 16 Steven Miller-Hamnett Rains - Interesting game, recorded on table 1 and the only one where I was behind in the beginning. He had duped Robb, Jon Snow (WotN), Sansa Stark (WotN) with Septa Mordane for Rains trigger. At some point I could trigger "The Dornishman's Wife" for all 3 effects. "The Bear and the Maiden Fair" on his deck put Bran Stark (Core) and Flea Bottom on the bottom of his deck, that was important! I gave him 2 Winterfell, I have 2 Winter plots and location control, I should be able to deal with it. Spoiler alert: he never marshaled Winterfell. The Withering Cold was no option with Robb and Jon on the other side. A short moment of hope got crushed when my Begging Brother with 3 gold got a milk followed by another milk on The Knight of Flowers (HoT). Nothing Burns Like The Cold cleared the milk on Loras, I played TIBWHID on the Begging Brother. Jaqen H'ghar was good again to get me back into the game killing Rains-enabler STR 6 Sansa Stark (WotN) with the help of Syrio Forel. On his following Valar Dohaeris turn I kept my 2 4-costers Tom and Loras over Littlefinger and Syrio. The Blue Bard got me some events. Even though Loras got milked again, that's better than Ward. On my The Annals of Castle Black turn I spent several events to find a neutral character to play with "The Last of the Giants". It's Syrio again whose stealth sealed the deal.
  3. Top 8 Dan Williams Wars - He kicked me out of Stahleck last year, where he had crushed me in the final round. This game was weird. I drew few events, he shuffled them back with Isle of Ravens knowing my deck. I had no bomb characters, but economy and 2 Begging Brothers with 5 gold at some point, pretty useful against Margaery/Garth the Gross. From my side of the table, he was a bit overcautious. He didn't want a character in my dead pile because of "Lord Renly's Ride", so no attacks. His Renly Baratheon (FFH) didn't do anything for 2 rounds. On his The King in the North turn he passed challenges, and well, so did I. He kept a knelt Isle of Ravens over Flea Bottom in fear of my The Annals of Castle Black turn. Well, Nothing Burns Like The Cold followed Political Disaster, so it was finally gone. I had to play a blank Pulling the Strings, but finally drew my strong cards. Finally, the time was ripe for The Annals of Castle Black and I could intimidate his board and win with renown.
  4. Top 4 F. Campolucci Wars - Rematch from round 7, which was the only game he had lost. This time the game was decided by our plot choices. I had my 2 econ locations after round 1, so resets wouldn't bother me that much. He had an army of chuds to deny me power for unopposed. He had lots of good Flea Bottom targets in his discard pile and Venomous Blade on the board, so Nothing Burns Like The Cold looked tempting. I decided to play The Withering Cold instead, which was the right call considering his Littlefinger's Meddling and Someone Always Tells in his hand. He didn't use his 2 Dornish Fiefdoms and Flea Bottom, and goes for Breaking Ties next round. I did burn Flea Bottom, but he plays another one. I can counter this with Jade Sea Dromond. He returns the dromond to my hand instead of Randyll Tarly with 3 power, so Valar was coming. "Off To Gulltown" makes me able to counter his Dornish Spies and Shadow City Bastards. I play the dromond again and with Flea Bottom finally gone for good, I can win next round.
  5. Top 2 James "Germansbane" Waumsley - Wamma is one of the best players ever. He was still undefeated as well and had already kicked out 3 other Germans in his last 3 games. After seeing his list here on thronesdb I think it is quite the good matchup for me. No Valar is pretty nice. I should be able to control his locations and attachments easily with Nothing Burns Like The Cold and he has no stand effects besides 1 Randyll against my kneel and Withering Cold. Well, he has Left and Right to counter that. Funny that these 2 guys he damned so much in the coreset review made him dominate the finals. :P He had The Hightower in setup, but also Flea Bottom (2 Flea Bottom are the only non-limited locations in his deck besides the tower) to protect it from my Nothing Burns Like The Cold. He played the The Arbor in turn 1, while I don't see any econ besides Littlefinger before a Redwyne Straits in round 3. The Bounty of Highgarden could have helped me a lot to get a better board presence considering he doesn't run any reset. Turn 1 we drew 4 cards for Times of Plenty. Sadly he countered my double Jaqen H'ghar (Margaery Tyrell (Core) and Highgarden Courtier can stand him) on Left (or was it Right?). He has a dupe, 1 gold and Flea Bottom to save Left twice from Jaqen's trigger. I TIBWHID Jaqen before he dies from "The Last of the Giants" because I have a 2nd one of this event in hand. I suppose James suspected that and kept 2 gold to cancel it next round. We play Filthy Accusations on Margaery Tyrell (Core) and The Withering Cold. He totally countered my plot with Alerie Tyrell finding the other Right/Left. His Hand's Judgment made sure the unduped one survives and noone got intimidated. From this round on James was in control of the game I think. I put Mace Tyrell (HoT) and Butterbumps on the bottom afraid of Breaking Ties. I had seen and survived this plot almost every game, but this time I had no econ, so the plot would hit me much harder. Renly made him able to play King in the North to its full potential. On my The Annals of Castle Black, he had 5 of his 7 events in his discard pile (2 Hand's Judgment, 2 Nightmares and 1 Growing Strong), so even this plot can't turn the tide for me. He had drawn a couple of Great Halls, so more and more big guys flood the board. Wardens of the South sealed the deal for him. Congratulations to James for the well deserved win!

jcwamma 2696

Congratulations on putting in such an incredible performance, 11 wins in a row before your deck betrayed you in the final. I said it yesterday during the swiss, and I'll say it again now: I love this deck. And its designer and player is very clearly a strong force for good in this game of ours, so I look forward to keeping a keen eye on every deck you publish from hereon out.

Diomedes 2748

Thanks for the kind words! Congratulations to you for the perfect run!

I was very lucky with my econ all day, so it had to happen eventually that I don't see it. :D

adam_geek 468

Congratulations! Your deck is so impressive.

Lannister 353

This deck made me love the game even more. Thanks for your brilliant achievements!

MadSirian 1

Insane Deck. The reason i like thrones is the fact that this kind of decks are being made.Cheers

sirkamlot 1

I've been watching yours last 3 matches and your deck piloting and made decissions was absolutely amazing. Deck is totally metashaking. Well done

SpiriT 177

I expect a lot of people will try this deck now and flop due to not realizing how amazing of a pilot @Diomedesis. It was mindblowing to see you play in the cut against people, most of which probably knew beforehand that you have no reset and still take them apart to pieces.

Reader 137

Congratulations Hanno. A great build and a great performance. Awesome work Ser

Vince 131

Love this deck and your performance. Amazing display! Congrats!

Deilan 1

I'll repeat myself but i really like what you do since your first "unexpected" deck! Congrats again and i'm happy to finaly met you for real!

Diomedes 2748

Thanks guys! :)

@SpiriTYou could be right. :D The deck has a lot of moving parts, and you need some time to get a feel for it. The toughest decision always is: do you play "The Bear and the Maiden Fair" on your deck or the opponent's? :P

@Deilan Thanks Deilan! Was great meeting you in person! :)

Kennon 207

Songs? Be still my heart!

PorcoRouxo 33

I guess one of the big plans is to play withering cold into annals with Tom ? That's kinda smart (and fun :P)

I played against a similar deck on Throneteki, but it rushed me so hard that my opponent didn't even need those kind of tricks ^^ Because yes, it can also rush like a standard LotC would do...

Congrats for your run into the final and for building this great deck !

Diomedes 2748

@PorcoRouxo Yes, that's Plan A. :)

I'm currently writing a little analysis and Euros report and will add that later to the description above. In the meanwhile, you can find a description of an earlier version (with 4 different cards) here: thronesdb.com

Andre 325

@Diomedes Huge congrats for your nearly flawless consecutive run on Prague Regional and EURO's as well (nearly identical decks). On top of that you achieved that with one of the most interesting deck design in the field (for certes the most interesting The Lord of the Crossing I've ever seen). A pity for being on a bit of unlucky side at the final however @jcwamma deserved the title as well. Great work!

Diomedes 2748

Report is up!

Thank you Andre! :-) Yes, I just included a Pleasure Barge instead of a Knight of the Reach compared to your (perfectly organized) Regional in Prague.

After the tournament changes:

Thorik 113

@Diomedescongratulations for your result and impressive deck building! Do you think Garden Caretaker is essential for the deck or can be swapped for some 2-cost efficient character?

Diomedes 2748

I'll cut 1 Garden Caretaker (and Olenna and Elinor) to include 3 Scheming Septons, but I wouldn't go lower.

nebelung 1

So [[the dornishman's wife]] is now on the restricted list.. What would be a good replacement?

Diomedes 2748

As I wrote above, probably Nightmares or The Hand's Judgment for now. Maybe they release an interesting song this cycle or another neutral 7-coster, then I will include a 3rd "The Last of the Giants". :)

nebelung 1

Oh sorry I missed that! :) Cheers!

thehumanh 99

This deck is simply art, very inspirational to a newer player like myself. Wonderful write up as well, I'm so grateful you shared your list. Congratulations on a great run at Euros!

Diomedes 2748

@thehumanh Thanks! Happy to hear that. :)

Palpa 1

Gl├╝ckwunsch. I said it long before the Tourney:cool deck, would have loved to see it win the final. But I disagree: its better to play Trag burn if you are not such a great player. I saw some guys play your deck on Theironthrone and played against it myself. Most guys cannot handle it, I won against it myself ;) I'm 100% sure I couldn't beat you playing it!

servetz 30

Have been playing this deck since your prague regional great result, and i have been very feared about modifying it because im not such a good player and i didnt want to break the decks balance, but i was wondering about replacing oathkeeper with crown of golden roses, what do you think?

Anyway great result, wouldve loved to see you winnig euros :)

Diomedes 2748

Thanks guys! :)

I have indeed replaced Oathkeeper with Crown of Golden Roses. :)

Kastakin 1

I'm terribile with the deck but playing it it's a blast! I'm having tons of fun even tho I'm still trying to figure out a lot of interactions! Thanks for posting it!

Fabro 1

Is this deck still playable after two packs from shadow cycle what changes would you do?