He Who Dwells Beneath The Waves (23rd @ Euros)

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Isian.H 699

What is Dead May Never Die, Suckers “Soon as they kill you make ‘em unkill you” - Yeezus 2013

I took this to 2018 European Championships and it did pretty well. I got to the top 32 and finished in 23rd place. Yes, I played 64 cards. sue me.

I’m very disappointed by the current Meta and in everyone who played the same Tyrell Wars deck because they couldn’t come up with anything better. Also in how good Wars to come is. In the Swiss I played 4 Targ and 3 Tyrell decks which was either burn targ or good stuff Tyrell. I’m not mad, just disappointed.

I was going to keep this list for regional season but after the Cudgel has been errata’d it becomes weaker. (they’re still stupid strong if played right) I can’t remember the individual matchups too clearly but I’ll try.

Game 1. vs Targ Wars - W I had a slow start with non unique guys on the board. I was being wary of the burn and not putting important guys into the challenge. I had a cudgel in starting hand. drew back into one after setup then drew the third on plot two. Played trade routes turn two to get them and some drowned gods out and wildfire’d turn 3 for the win. I was on 3 power. I got 15 power from the wildfire

Game 2. vs Tyrell Wars - W I had an explosive start. by turn two I had duped Aeron, duped Tarle and Balon out with chuds. He has a good board but no dupes he plays Mace and I milk him. I am in a position to valar but not without slapping the cudgels down. so I play a gold plot and he thinks I valar so he kills his whole board. I save Balon with mine and he shakes my hand.

Game 3. vs Targ Wars - W His plot deck was very aggressive and had gotten rid of my ribs and a cudgel with nothing burns. he couldn’t accumulate power fast enough so when I wildfired on turn 5 or something I won through the cudgel moving about. He played breaking ties to send back a cudgel’d chud and king plots the turn before to slow me down but he wasn’t fast enough.

Game 4. vs Targ Wars - W Once he realised what the deck was he admitted he hadn’t played against this at all before. I let him kill people because I could bring em back with Tarle. He Crown of Gold’d Tarle turn three. next turn blood of the dragon to my trade routes. If my Tarle was still alive I could have marshalled the acolyte 6 times to get 6 power. He was ahead on power most of the game but two cudgels and a wildfire later it was all over.

Game 5. vs Targ Fealty - W Slow and intense game vs Wedge. I saw all 3 HJ’s. He didn’t see any econ so I kinda walked away with it a bit too easily.

Game 6. vs Tyrell Wars - L This game vs Wamma was intense. at one point I had cudgels out and was ready to wildfire but held off because I know that deck runs king plots. He outplayed me and played neither king plot which was a risk he had to take, bounced back my cudgel’d guy and set me back quite a bit. Best game I played all tournament, it went to time ending on 13 - 12 in his favour. I would have won in the next marshalling phase.

Game 7. vs Tyrell wars - L I was super tired at this point and made 3 big stupid mistakes that cost me the game. First mistake was not playing either ribs or saving gold for nightmares on turn one because he varys’d me. I should have expected it but I failed. next mistake is not confiscating his king attachment on his king in the north turn, IKR stupid me.

ended 5-2 with two games I could have easily won both if I didn’t make mistakes.

Top 32 vs Stark Wars - L It was a tough game. I couldn’t find a nightmares for a Roose I expected to see so I got tempo loss when he hit me. I had to use my trade routes early because I needed to get guys out or lose on that turn. I also didn’t see enough econ for the turns after it to be able to play anything out which was sad. It happens though there was nothing to be done. I valar’d his full board losing my Tarle. I think I should have held off for at least a turn.

Overall a great tournament but the lack of verity in the games I played wasn’t good. A good stuff Greyjoy wars deck has a good chanc of beating the Tyrell wars deck. That would have been my second choice going into this tournament but I wanted to play the drowned god cudgels in case they were errata’d and they were the day after.

Notes - I don’t like the econ package in this deck, kingsroads don’t suit this deck but they’re better than great halls


Amoon 1

Great effort piloting an off-meta deck all the way up to top 32! Shame that FFG felt the Cudgel needs to be weakened, though hope the deck is not yet dead.

BaraBob 1

Congrats on a great result with a non-standard deck. Agree that the meta feels a bit stale at the moment, but at least the games themselves feel quite interactive. As @Amoonsaid, hope you can keep working on this deck and prove it is still viable after the errata.