Bastard Beatdown (Martell, Watch)

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ChrisChris 969

For years man has sought to make use of core Jon Snow. At release he was an odd duck, a character built for offense in a faction suited for defense. He needed too much set up and provided too little benefit.

The designers heard these pleas and offered up Grenn and Pyp, two Rangers that privileged characters that remained standing on the offense, but they were not enough. Then came the Haunted Forest Scout, and there were rumblings of a Go! Go! Power Rangers! deck, but some questioned whether it offered any more speed and consistency than a generic Tyrell or Stark Crossing deck.

But now, near three years on from release, a answer may have arrived, an answer farther from the Wall than Dorne from the North: The Red Viper. What's better than earning a single power on Jon with Longclaw? Picking up a second power on the Viper for winning a challenge with a bastard. What's better than that? Keeping both of those characters standing and doing it again and again.

Cotter Pyke and The Bastard of Godsgrace offer some bastard redundancy, Qhorin and Quentyn additional renown, Ellaria some defense against Baratheon and The Prince's Plan fills in any gaps you might have on the icon front.

Game, set, match.

You're welcome.

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Joe From Cincinnati 1649

Oh wow! I love this deck idea!