Berkeley, CA Regional Winner

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Maximus 100

This deck was able to win a small regional ( The TO followed the suggestions of FFG and did 4 rounds w/ a cut to 8. The matchups that I faced and MVP cards of them were:

Tyrell The Lord of the Crossing: Milk of the Poppy, Host of the Boneway, Milk of the Poppy, Doran's Game, Milk of the Poppy, Secret Schemes to find Milk of the Poppy. Seriously it's mostly Milk of the Poppy. Oldtown and crossing generate a lot of power. Add Mace Tyrell (HoT) to that and there is a clock that probably goes off before you can win w/ Doran's Game. For this matchup you need to get Milk for Mace or you will lose. Ideally keep them from doing military either by going first and kneeling their military icons with the intimidate on Host of the Boneway or Forced March.

Tyrell Red Door (Mander): The Prince's Plan, Venomous Blade. My opponent played a deck that was clearly more fun than competitive and this game wasn't very close. Once I took the board there wasn't much that he could do.

Lannister Crossing: Arianne Martell (JtO), The Prince's Plan, Venomous Blade. He got to 14 by the time that his deck ran out of steam and he didn't have Treachery for my Arianne.

Targaryen Wars to Come: Doran's Game, Ricasso, Dawn, Host of the Boneway, the Prince's Plan. It was something like 10-2 at one point and I got 2 Doran's Game off over the course of 2 turns. Without the Doran's Game I definitely would have lost.

Martell Wars to Come: Blood Orange Grove, Dornish Fiefdom, Gates of the Moon. You need cards too, but economy is what wins the mirror match. Doran's game won it by giving me 6 power, but I would have won if it went another 2 turns because I could play more than him. I also opened w/ Varys's Riddle against his At Prince Doran's Behest, went first and copied his Behest to give me the extra used plot, which allowed my Arianne w/ Dawn to be outside of intimidate range of his Host of the Boneway. In general for this matchup, Milk will feel like a "meh" card but you'll want to have 1 for Ricasso.

Stark Crossing: Venomous Blade, Forced March. I won this game because I got rid of his only military icon turn 1 (Dacey Mormont) with my Venomous Blade. Not having a Someone Always Tells for his Political Disaster almost lost it for me but a Forced March shut him out of crossing power a second time and he kept top-decking dupes of dead characters.

Cards that I never really got value out of: Shadowblack Lane and Begging Brother. The times that I could have used Shadowblack, my faction card was already knelt from Secret Schemes. Begging Brother is in here to make Varys more difficult to land (they would need the Nightmares to be able to his him) and none of my opponents ran Varys. Thinking more about it, Arianne can return him to hand so I'd probably cut Begging Brother unless you expect to see "The Last of the Giants".


siegeszug 283

Very very interesting. I build a similar deck (as does almost everyone these days), but I felt like Big Arianne (with whom I played in the Prague Regional) does not pull her weight in this kind of deck. Also SAT seems to sit in hand idly often. How important was Someone Always Tells in general and how much did you like to see it?

siegeszug 283

Ah and also: How did the big shadow guy do?

Maximus 100

I like Gerris, renown puts pressure on your opponent and getting a third trade routes or a second forced march can be big. I wouldn't cut Arianne, you need her to slow the game down.

Maximus 100

Also, SAT is event cancel as well and you shouldn't feel the need to save it if there is a good enough event to cancel (a lot are floating around these days).

Barnie25 221

It seems odd to not run Flea Bottom in a Martell list, why did you decide against it?

Kobal 1

@Maximus Probably a noobish question, but how do you get the 2 gold to pay for Someone Always Tells cancelling a triggered plot ability?

You won't collect your gold until after plot effects are resolved, and I am not sure there is an action window where you could have used The Water Gardens proactively.

NikolaP 55

@KobalHe can flip Littlefinger's Meddling, Calling the Banners, or Trade Routes, and hopefully be first player so his plot resolves first and he gets the money to cancel opponent's When revealed.