Baratheon Crossing, 3-1 in Baltic League

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Johannes 399

I never been a great Baratheon fan but I was drafted into team Bara in Baltic League. Or actually our team ended up playing Bara. Baltic League was played as Thrones WAR like method with every faction represented by own team. The difference was that it was a online tournament and you could change your deck for every games so you could tech against your opponent's faction a lot. This also caused interesting mind games about what your opponent is going to play and some interesting choices and even false banners.

At first I tried playing my Bara Rose deck and then Bara Dragon I've been testing around. Both decks were ok but somehow my opponents outplayed me in deck building and games. Mildly put I wasn't too happy about Bara at the moment. I had previously looked for inspiration from Jim Hansen's Thrones WAR Bara Crossing deck but somehow didn't like it at the moment (maybe because of the Frey's) and wanted to try something by myself.

However going 0-3 in the Baltic League I wanted to find just something I enjoy playing and a deck that doesn't have to think about what your opponent's going to play too much. I updated Jim's list with new released cards and changed couple of cards. This is the list I ended up playing in the last game. Earlier versions had a bit more one ofs like Walder Frey and Thoros of Myr and a event like "Off To Gulltown" which could still be a good choice against otherwise bad matchup against Martell with Breaking Ties, Flea Bottom, icon removal etc.

The deck is really nice to play and plays out the same as Jim's deck. Control your opponents hand with Queen's Men and Seen In Flames and get the characters into dead pile with Heads on Spikes. Go second and give unopposed to let you opponent get some power into house card for you to steal. Then rush to win with help of renown from Disputed Claim and Robert Baratheon.

Now a small tournament report:

Emils, Lanni Crossing, a loss

So Emils and Lanni was the first match-up for my Bara Crossing. He setup Ser Gregor Clegane and a Kingsroad. I thin I had econ and chuds like Frey Lordling. I opened with Summer Harvest and let Emils go first. He marshaled Tywin Lannister (Core) and a chud. I think I played Queen's Men and discarded some econ card or an event and marshaled The Bastard of Nightsong with Disputed Claim and Milked his Tywin and decided to live with Gregor. His hand was pretty bad and I felt comfortable. However Emils played well and just defended in early game and not getting power on his house card I could steal. One of my Heads hit a chud and another missed but anyway I had a comfortable lead. I think the turning point for this game was Gregor hitting Melisandre (Core) which killed The Bastard of Nightsong which gave him a board advantage and forced me to play Valar Dohaeris. After my reset I ran out of steam, couldn't find enough characters and Emils found Ser Jaime Lannister (Core) and Cersei Lannister (LoCR) and finished the game. I had a chance to steal it by playing A Clash of Kings, which I still ran at the time, but couldn't find a another power icon to get past his Cersei.

Nerius, Tyrell Summer?, a win

Even though I had lost one more game with Bara I felt bit more comfortable with my deck. I had tuned it a bit and played against a faction I know really well. The game against Nerius was a really really close one with lot of decisions during challenges. He didn't really find any of his key locations but the flow of big characters was constant. I had some success with hand control and Heads on Spikes and tried to time Valar Dohaeris perfectly. It ended up being a very close game with me winning 15-13 or something like that. If I remember correctly the key for victory was The Bastard of Nightsong which allowed me to defend power and steal it the same time.

Lena, Targ Rose, a win

I was expecting Targ burn and was happy to play against it with my deck because of all the hand control and Disputed Claim and Spears of the Merling King protecting against rest of the burn. However Lena played a rushy Targ Rose deck which I was able to outrush from the beginning. I think the key in this game was my hand control which allowed me be one step ahead of Lena in challenges. A first clear win for this deck.

Irek, NW Wars, a win

Irek was undefeated before the last round and ended up winning the team event with NW and being the best individual player. However our match was very one sided. I think he mulliganed into a rather bad setup and was struggling to find enough characters. Mole's Town slowed me down a bit but soon all of my characters had gold on them. The key of this game was when I tried to empty his hand from non-characters but there was a lot of econ in his hand. Ended up hitting Jon Snow (WotW) with 1/3 change with Heads on Spikes when he played Trade Routes and draw a dupe of the dead Jon. A lot of luck there but I still felt I could win without this lucky pull because of my card advantage. Anyway a really well played tournament for Irek.

All and all this deck is nice to play and the hand control combined with the rush element is a solid strategy. This deck probably isn't tier 1 since it has a bad match-up against best Martell decks but it's fun to play and can win games regularly.

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