'How to beat Targ Wars' - 1st Spanish nats 18' (18 players)

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Adkadi 296

First of all, yep, is kind of depressing to have only 18 players in our Nats, having all the great players we have here in Spain. The organization had several problems to set up the tournament soon enough, taking several wrong decission IMHO. So all the attendants knew we weren't in a real 'huge' national tournament, but in just a great day of thrones with some of the most amazing people in our amazing community. And at the end, it was indeed a great day. A really cold/hot day for me.

As some of you may know, I've been trying to become a NW-KOW expert since I won the Spanish Nats 16' with this archetype, I haven't tried almost any other deck since then. So here you have my current version, which I tweaked the day before thinking about facing several Targaryens, I expected to face 2 or 3... well, I ended up playing 7 games against 'Targaryen The Wars to Come'.

So the report of the tournament can be summarized pretty easy explaining how this deck works against this matchup, it performed in a similar way in the games I lost (which were very close), and in the ones I won. Basically, 'Targ Wars burn' doesn't run almost any summer plot, so the choke was real almost all the times. Also, you have several tools to make their board small, (recruiters, first sonow, 2-claim...), and that combined with the fact they usually dont play so many characters as they are designed to save the gold for burn creates situations where cards as the poor blind maester Aemon (5-cost) appears to make them to regret for not doing all the challenges and for not deploying enough board.

Aemon performs really great with cards as 'Last of the giants' being first also, with the set of big neutral guys, and it can make its effect without need to do a single challenge. It generates awkward situations which usually means several uo challenges. This way when he hits the board, usually a valar comes, and also the winter festivals!

Winter festival is the key part against non-summer heavy war decks, and specially against Targs. As the rounds usually are pretty fast (not so many characters) is easy to make 3 or 4 Winter claims in the same game, so basically, after the reset you only go for power. So yep, this decks is an aggresive deck with the board the first turns, and a power-grab deck after the resets.

Apart of that, the deck runs the Yoren silver bullet, who can easily be discarded via Breaking Ties, Janos, Marched, to have the opportunity to play him several times. But usually a single Yoren recruitment in the right moment to have the Second Sons to fight beyond the wall in the key turns is enough to turn the table, specially after the resets.

Maybe I'm missing something so you can ask whatever you want. Actually, I was very lucky to only face Targ as the deck almost doesn't stand a chance against Tyrell or big guys decks. But well... which house can easily beat Tyrell?

Thank you all guys for the support, and a special mention for Oleg!, a russian amazing player who ended up as a runner-up! Hope to see you again someday around Europe mate!

Next stop... 'Batalla por el Mero' in Málaga (a tournament at seaside... wow), and BCN afterwards with Barna Dohaeris... Spanish Thrones is alive!


Lannister 374

Bravo!!! Hope we can get to play again at Barna Dohaeris. Congratulations mate

Harren 356

Congratulations man! Nice and very personal build, I love it.

ssjmonks 1

I'm guessing Riddle is the typical opening plot then since so many decks still open with Summer Harvest or Time of Plenty?

Toaster 35

@Adkadi Congratulations, I'm wondering what the purpose of Veteran Builder is?

Do you use White Tree twice with him to starve out your opponent even more? Do you think it's possible to tune your deck better towards the "big guys" matchups and which cards would you be most willing to cut for what?

Thanks a lot for the write up and the interesting deck.

Adkadi 296

@Lannister, @Harren Thank you guys! See you soon in BCN!

@ssjmonks, It is. And again, really useful against those Targs that prefers to open with Counting/Exchange. People in my meta knows how much I love this plot, not only because of its effect, but also beacuse of its stats. Its reserve and 5 gold are really convenient to manage correctly the resources on 1st turn (I always try to keep my hand at reserve during the first turns, specially if I have no draw). I don't really care about copying anything most of the times, it just happens. And yep, I'm usually happy with wasting this against TIme of Plenty instead of using Winter Festival. There are other matchups where you try to nail it as one of your win conditions (valar vs tinder marg...) and also a good protection for single 5-cost guy setups with White Tree, if the opponent thinks a marched is a good option. My favourite plot in the game so far, because apart of all of this, it still implies several risks and usually you have to guess what can go wrong before flipping it out.

@Toaster, Thanks! Veteran Builder is the NW "Second Sons" but only to protect your power tokens! if your draw has been neglected, or didn't appears, but you find the flea bottom+builder combination. You basically have a 4 cost-power icon that does not kneel to attack or defend in power, which usually means a lot in the last stages of the game.

Regarding the "big guys", as I said, I tweaked the deck making some meta calls against Targ. But the latest versions run 1+ giants and 1+ mag to increase the odds of having a more agressive oppening able that combining with Recruiters or Aemon can give you a serious advantage from the beginning. Even if this does not work you always have Varys, who always has been 'anti-big-guys' and now the amazing Breaking TIes. Problem with Varys being the first alternative is Lannister just wrecks you most of the times with their treacheries though.

SGE 232

Hi, I´ve been playing Watch - Kings of Winter for weeks now and i really want to make this deck work. Is there a way to stay in touch with you for your latest thoughts? You really seem to be an expert in this matter. Thanks for your effort!

Adkadi 296

@SGE, sure! You can find me via Telegram t.me or with an email to adkadi@hotmail.com

Toaster 35

@AdkadiWhat are your thoughts on the new Agenda and the new Wall in combination with Night Watch?

Adkadi 296

@Toaster, I find the Agenda really interesting from the deckbuilding point of view, I think it has a lot of potential for being both competitive and fun, without being so OP or omnipresent in the meta, one of the best designs I remember. I don't really know how it can perform in NW decks as I'm not that experienced in the heavy-attach builds for the Watch though.

About The New Wall, well It seems it will definetely make the 'NW recruitments deck' to be a serious thing finally. I think this kind of archetype (to take control of almost random chars depending on the matchup) can suffer the variance more than other decks, because its win condition adds another variable to be competitive. At the end, I think the card success will depend on how the meta will evolve and if The Wall demonstrate to be good enough per se, without needing any other card, then it will see a lot of play and also the archetype. It is pretty tough to forsee what will happen with this card in my opinion because you have to assess a whole archetype not only the card, and that adds a lot of variables.