Lucky Sevens (The March on Winterfell) v1.1

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Toaster 35

Hi there I tried to update the Lucky Sevens list from a couple of months ago. This is my first proper write up and published deck list, enjoy.

Disclaimer: I'm a rather new player, so any input from @Gerry (creator of the original list) would be greatly appreciated.

Plot Deck isn't final and there may still be some tweaks to do.

General Idea is to use The Faith Militant combined with Catelyn Stark (WotN) to stall out the game and slowly grind your opponent down.

Changes to the original list and reasoning behind it:

Plot Deck:
-1 Fallen from Favor
+1 Trading with the Pentoshi
I kind of suck with managing my board so I prefer not to sacrifice my guys.

-1 A Time For Wolves +1 Varys's Riddle With 3x Summer (Core)s I feel like I can have more impact with this all round plot. Offers better initiative and Gold as well.

-1 Frozen Solid -1 Riverrun -1 Septa Mordane -1 Ser Edmure Tully -1 House Tully Septon -1 Robb Stark (Core) -1 Hodor Need the room for new stuff.

+2 Wyman Manderly The new perfect fit for this deck, and the main reason why I cut a lot of the sacrifice triggers (Marriage Pact & Fallen from Favor).

-2 Marriage Pact +2 Ward I like to steal stuff significantly more than just preventing challenges.

+1 Jeyne Poole In case a Duplicate gets used.

+2 Bolton Flayer Necessary icons and keeps killing the annoying critters :) Alternative: +2 Bear Island Loyalist which is also Loyal for Breaking Ties

+2 The Seven-Pointed Star Great non-limited income card and later a great fit for re-enabling Robb Stark (Core) Renown.

+1 Isle of Ravens Mostly used to cycle our stuff and counter opponents Flea Bottom

+1 Summer (Core) I love that dog, especially in combination with Flea Bottom and Arya Stark (Core), but I'd rather not use a plot for it.

Honorable mentions:

Riverrun for more Power. Ser Edmure Tully also for more Power. Last Hearth Scouts to combat those annoying Flea Bottoms / Ambushes / Shadows, but that probably requires some location changes.

TL/DR: Check the link at the top to the original, please leave feedback.

Edit: Changes below.


Toaster 35

Looking forward to Poor Fellows in the new set :)

Toaster 35

Made some changes:
-1 A Noble Cause
+1 Confiscation
Got annoyed by stuff like Marriage Pact, Ward and other attachments recently and wanted something better to deal with them instead of just blanking them temporarily with Brother's Robes.

We could therefore also change one Robe to another The Seven-Pointed Star, but I haven't tried that yet.

-1 Jeyne Poole
+1 Hodor
Jeyne's sacrifice is marshalling only (no Flea Bottom synergy)
and Hodor is a welcome addition for Breaking Ties.

Some random observations:

Maybe Sansa Stark (Core) works better in this deck, but I'm unsure about this, being able to fetch core Sansa with Summer (Core) is attractive, but so is having the high attack early on.
Playing Trading with the Pentoshi and marshalling a new The High Sparrow is very fun, but requires going first as well as having him in hand.

Isle of Ravens has been working out greatly, because you usually grind the games out over a lot of turns and some recursion helps a long way, also helps against opponent's Flea Bottom.

Apparently blanking an attachment that is not on a character with Brother's Robes discards it, because by default attachments can only be put on characters, which is great against Seized by the Guard and Frozen Solid.

tonywok 2

I’ve been playing a similar list.

How have the Bolton Flayers been working out for you?

Seem a bit light on loyal characters to be running breaking ties - am I missing something?

Good luck!